Bread | Brown sugar walnut roll 黑糖核桃麵包

Brown sugar walnut roll baked! I am not too sure about others, but when I am free and have the energy… I will have to find something to do in the house…. which I choose to bake this brown sugar walnut roll.. wweeee~~~~~~

Dough finished kneading

Fermentated to double in size


卷下來..  收口捏好.
roll it down from above… make sure the dough are sealed tightly.

lined up on the tray.

fermentated to 70%, brush some egg wash then its good to go.


核桃50g, 用水煮過,然後烤香再切碎.

發至兩倍大.  打气出來, 再将面团分割成每個80g个,
然後,將鬆弛好的麵糰桿成椭圆形,然後卷成橄榄形. 記著收口捏好向下.
將造好麵糰排上烤上, 蓋上保鮮膜,放進溫暖的地方進行最後的發酵.

Bread flour 200g
Cake flour 50g
Fast active yeast 2.5g
Brown sugar 40g
Salt 3g
Milk powder 10g
Egg 25g
Water 135g
Unsalted butter 25g
Walnut 50g,  blanch in salted water, roasted till dry and chop into pieces.

Knead the dough with everything apart from the butter and walnut. Knead it until window-pane stage. Place into an oiled bowl and covered it up to have it raised into double in size. Punch the air out and divide the dough into 80g each, which yields about six in this recipe.
Roll each dough into a ball and bench rest it for 15 minutes.
Shaping into an olive shape by flattening the rough into oval shape, fold in the top two corners and roll it from the top towards you, seal the dough well. Place the sealed side down and let it do 2nd time fermentation, until 70% raisen. Brush it with egg wash and bake at 180C for 15 mins. Until the bottom is golden brown.

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Watch | 煮家男人 Bob’s Your Uncle

I often get asked by my friends, what do I do at my spare time apart from meeting friends and gym? … TV, a bit of reality shows, read blogs, type up my own blog, browses around what to make next, watch cookery videos, travel research, exhibitions visit…. sounds quite fair bit that I do!!!

At lunch, as I was re-watching some Dad is back video. I got recommended by their generate video prompt (in the middle of the page)… I clicked into this YouTuber’s channel and found it amazingly useful, you rarely see a Chinese guy will know how to cook this well. Ok ok, perhaps there are more guys know how to cook out there which I am yet to meet. But for a Chinese to cook a mass variety of dishes, this is pretty impressive!! And not to mention his own channel trailer… haha~~~ no doubt he works in marketing!

His video are in Cantonese but have English subtitle, pretty useful resource for us cooking newbie. =)
His lasagne is going to be the first on my list and really want to try to beer can chicken, this has been quite famous for a long time!!

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Coffee | Latte @ Store street espresso


What do you do when you have an exhuasted week of work, had a bit of Friday after work drink…. and almost fainted at one time?

…I would sleep in on the next morning and picked up what I needed to (in this case, was my developed travel photos from my film camera) and walk down to Store Street for a latte… enjoying that self time moments! =)

Store Street Espresso
40 Store St, London WC1E 7DB
020 7637 2623

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Watch | Dad is Back

最近內地興起看爸爸的節目熱。而我碰巧地在Youtube看到「爸爸回來了」的節目。 嗯,看起來是有點跟爸爸去哪兒相似,但這個是比較跟現實生活裡的爸爸和子女相處來得真實吧!

我從發現到現在已經看完了,哈哈,只用了好幾天時間而已。 感動著每位父親為了他們的子女的付出… 真的,到我們人大了才懂得父母的真心和付出,所謂幸福不是必然的,回想起來我們小時候的那種頑皮,回嘴等的行為是多麼的不尊重父母的….

各位小孩我都喜歡,真的發覺每個小孩性格真是不一樣的。 喜歡小鵬爸的那種教育,因我的父親也是很嚴厲的。。。 小時候不教,大時很難教啊~~

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Photos | DIY @ home

CNV00074 (2)

CNV00073 (2)

CNV00072 (2)

CNV00071 (2)

CNV00070 (2)

CNV00069 (2)

DIY.. only if you know how to do it. I admired my father who know a fair bit of DIY… we ripped out the old tiles on the wall and sand it down, so dad can re-tile the whole wall… its a mission!!!!

And this also makes you wonder how much effort does one put into their own home?? A lot to build their ideal comfort home. =)

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