Plum tartlets


I don’t know about others but I love shopping in markets and supermarkets looking at seasonal produce and think to myself. What can I make out of it? I often go and look at what I can purchase before deciding what to make… you roughly get an idea, esp you’re like me browsing other blogs and food magazine a lot.. and when I saw some plums in Sainsburys I cannot let them not be on my making list. Ticked.

Plum tartlets
Adapted from Bake for Happy Kids
I managed to yield 5 tartlets using 3 inch tart rings

150g plain flour
1/2 tsp baking powder
a pinch of cinnammon (Original recipe asks for Cardamom!)
1/8 tsp fine sea salt
125g unsalted butter, at room temperature
1 large egg yolks
40g caster sugar
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
lemon zest from 1 lemon
2 fresh plums, pitted and sliced each side into 5 wedges
2 tbsp brown sugar approx – this is just for sprinkling
icing sugar for dusting

Preheat the oven to 160°C or approximately gas mark 3. Lightly butter the tart rings that you are using, place the buttered ring on top of the baking parchment paper. Else if you have something similar size, you can use it instead.

Cream the butter and sugar together until pale and fluffy, add egg yolks, vanilla and lemon zest and mix well until is light in colour.  Then sift the flour, baking powder, cinnammon and salt into the batter. Use reduce speed to mix in the butter mixture until just incorporated. Should look in between crumbs and a batter a like.. Then divide the dough evenly among the tart rings and place the plum slices on top, lightly pressing the slices into the dough and then sprinkle the tops with brown sugar.

Bake for 25 mins or a few extra minutes if needed depending on your oven, until the tartlets look golden and the sugars have caramelized.

Best to served these tarts warm and ideally with creme anglais or custard (in my preference!). I find the tarts are a bit dry on its own.
You can wrap them up and put them into the fridge if you cannot finish it but best to eat within three days.

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Custard mooncake 奶黃月餅


其實,今年唯一超級想做的是這個奶黃月餅,這個跟台灣月餅有點相似。 但我對那個奶黃餡比較多興趣! 因為沒有弄過,你們應該看出我是那種沒做過的都會想嘗試一下的人吧 : P

自己做的永遠都是真才實料。 自己做的鹹蛋,沒有額外的防腐劑,保證食得開心!!!!

食譜來至小小米桶,我很喜歡的一個食譜卜。 給自己收錄一下。

做到16-20只,看你的模是多大。 我用的是40g大小的。看比例,大多說皮:餡是1:3。就是說, 10g皮包30g的餡。如果覺得難包的話,可以改比例的。

砂糖 60g
低粉 18g
奶粉 18g
煉乳 (condensed milk) 25g
蛋黃 30g  可以用全蛋,但蛋黃比較香
椰奶 100g 不要用半全脂的
有鹽奶油 30g
起司粉 (parmesan cheese) 10g 個人覺得如果你喜歡淡淡的便可省略。
鹹蛋黃…..4隻 (蛋黃用紹興酒洗,然後拿去蒸約15分鐘,放涼,切碎)

奶油+砂糖,拌好。 加入蛋黃, 煉乳,椰奶拌好。最後加入奶粉和吉士粉,和起司粉。 拌好後,拿去用中大火蒸約25-30分鐘。

糖粉 60g
有鹽奶油 120g
雞蛋液 25g
椰奶 25g
低筋麵粉 265g

蛋槳 適量, 給裝飾用的
糖漿 = 砂糖 25g + 水 25g  混合,也是給最後裝飾用的

奶油和糖粉打鬆,蛋,椰奶,拌勻。 再加入麵粉,用拌切的方式拌好。
分割成需要的大小,然後包入餡。 表面薄一些麵粉,再放進模子裡,按壓一下就成形型。左右摳一下,然後直接摳出來手上接著,便可放進烤箱盤上。


個人建議是放月餅進冰箱,然後吃的時候可以放進gas mark 3/150C的烤5-6分鐘,就會很好吃的像新鮮出爐的月餅!!!!!

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Kanada-ya, London

Da ta…Moyashi ramen with Hanjuku egg! itadakimasu~~~~~

Remune, the Japanese lemonade. If you are not familiar with Japanese drinks, give this a try! I had fun opening it.

Kanada-ya sign; quite like the imagination of how everywhere is dark but their restaurant sign is still light up… don’t you feel that is so warm?

IMG_1238There was a Japanese waiter that speaks fluent Japanese and English. I asked him if he is the man in the restaurant’s logo.. hhaha… he response and said loads of people have asked the same question!!!! No, he isnt! but he really look like the logo.

I can’t believe after I have left for a cash machine, my friend queued on the same spot as where i have left. Upon returning to the restaurant, the queue gone amazingly long and the waiter came out and told the girls after us…

… unfortunately, we did not make enough tonkotsu, so we might not have enough ramen to serve you and gave the customer a sheet of table cover so that they can get a free dish next time they return.

My friend and I was debating if taking that offer is better than queueing? mmm… nevertheless, we stayed on and get the food for 50% off on the entire bill anyway!

I have to say, after my first spoonful of the broth, I can 100% say I am glad I have stayed! The tonkotsu was SO GOOD, perfect richness consistence, perfect salt level and you can taste the hours spent on making this tonkotsu. The noodle was great and amazingly the noodle seem to keep its perfect shape after that 10-15 mins in the broth (I took my time to eat…!) hhaa~ the charsiu was good but why do they make it so thin?, the egg was well marinade in the soya sauce (I am going to make this egg next time) and heap loads of the wood ears, bean sprouts and spring onions. The only thing that brought this ramen down is the bitterness of the spring onions… they were quite bitter I have to say!

General, definitely recommended, esp. at 50% off, only during soft opening (with a voucher) until 2nd September. If full price, I will still go…..!
Grand opening should be 2nd September, but as they closed on Thursday 28th Sep, they will extend the soft opening offer by a day!

Kanada-ya London
64 St Giles High Street, London, WC2H 8LE

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Red bean pastry with salted yolk 豆沙蛋黃酥


趁著中秋前,趕快分享食譜。哈~ 這本食譜書很久很久之前買回來的,現在都已經沒得賣了。 很實用的一本書,裡面很多食譜我都嘗試過。

原本我很想做成綠茶味道的,奈何倫敦買綠茶粉超級貴…. 所以,還是做成原味道的好了。要不綠茶的會很美的,像這個我之前寫過的芋頭/綠茶酥

**Sorry, will find time to translate the recipe below**

豆沙蛋黃酥 20個
adapted from 老店餅鋪 – 顏金滿

油皮 40g/個
中筋麵粉 210g
糖霜 21g
豬油 84g
水 92g

油酥 25g/個
低筋麵粉 170g
豬油 85g
*可以做綠茶的,麵粉改至162g + 綠茶分 8g

紅豆沙 400g   30g/個
鹹蛋黃 10-20個  *看你每個半顆蛋黃 或是 每個一顆

鹹蛋黃和一些米酒或是紹興酒混一下,瀝掉酒,然後拿去蒸10-15分鐘或是小火烤10-15分鐘。 切半或是整顆放涼。
將每個油酥皮在中間堆切,然後面照下,桿開圓形,記著邊邊可以桿薄一點﹐包入內餡﹐收口捏緊後朝 *抱歉沒拍照,請Google一下怎樣弄*
放入烤箱﹐烤25-30分鐘@ 170-180C﹐烤至餅皮酥硬即可。

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Chrysanthemum pastry 菊花酥


Mid Autumn is here soon, wish you all Happy Mid Autumn 中秋快樂, the best time to consume some quality pastry and chill with families.

A HR colleague at work whom got seconded back to HK office, brought a box of mooncake back to the office… not surspringly to say, none of the English liked it, I took the advantage and go can I have one? the HR manager goes, you go for it S… viola, took a Maxim’s 雙黃白蓮蓉月餅, how long have I not had a proper white lutos paste mooncake?!?!? Perfect with some chinese tea.

Anyway… It was bank holiday in London and I had no plans but to chilled. I actually wanted to catch up with some movies and readings but in the end I end up staying in the kitchen and made a good few batches of assorted mooncakes. This is one of them where I made from the left over pastry…. more recipes to share, in time for the actual festival.

hehehe sorry, will find time to translate the recipe below!

菊花酥 20個
adapted from 老店餅鋪 – 顏金滿

油皮 20g/個
中筋麵粉 210g
糖霜 21g
豬油 84g
水 92g

油酥 10g/個
低筋麵粉 135g
豬油 67g

紅豆沙 400g   20g/個

用剪刀剪10 or 11刀,將剪開的扭上來。 *抱歉沒拍照,請Google一下怎樣弄*
放入烤箱﹐烤25-30分鐘@ 170-180C﹐烤至餅皮酥硬即可。

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