Travel | see. Paris. III.

PAR 029
#1 outside of the cafe we had our sandwich aux jambon avec fromage ^^

PAR 030
#2 the shops were closed, seeing loads of graffitis

PAR 031
#3 while we was having breakfast, we was people watching… the street starts to flood in with stall owners

PAR 032
#4 while people looking for goodies

PAR 034
#5 admiring some of the buildings in the neighbourhood.

PAR 035
#6 always amaze at how people climb up the wall and tag their names?

PAR 036
#7 a poodle dog on the street…

PAR 037
#8 my usual bike snaps

PAR 038
#9 in the metro. our nearest station

PAR 040
#10 carrying tons every day in paris… gosh, i do wonder how do i manage camera cameras?

in a recent birthday card that i have written to my friend, i goes to her …” .. appreciates what you have already got but cherish whatever comes in the life…”. Living in the present is equally as important as planning your future. my true believe lies in the balance; a balance of working hard and enjoying life. travelling perhaps is my way of enjoying life, seeing the wide world has boarden my horizon, the way i see things and approach things. less stress and take life a little easy. it is, indeed very hard to do than said but you have got to try..

i do hope these mellow photos taken in the Parisien weekend brings you a little moment of wonders… of what could you spend doing if you have a free weekend?

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2 Responses to Travel | see. Paris. III.

  1. Gai says:

    I want to go Paris as well!

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