rum and raisins icecream 蘭姆葡萄冰淇淋

Rum & Raisin Icecream..

說起怎樣會弄出這個冰淇淋﹐是因為一位在網上認識的朋友﹐她正在藍帶上課.. 碰巧她提起這個冰淇淋﹐我便想起我沒做過這個口味﹐所以就立刻跑去買材料而在週末弄了出來. 成品還算不錯… 但可以﹐酒的份量出錯了… 唉~~ 味道過濃.

I honestly don’t remember when was the last time I made any icecream, possibly the summer before my final? What triggered me to make this rum and raisin icecream, was actually due to a friend who i have met on blog, which she is now studying in Le Cordon Bleu doing patisserie. She mentioned about rum and raisin icecream.. and here it comes. I went to grab the rum, cream and raisins and made it during the weekend….. yummy! but stupidly, while i was making it in a smaller quantity, i cut everything down but not the last part of rum to be added before churning. Needless to say, my rum icecream its a bit over flavoured…. ouch…

Makes 1 Litre

100g mixed dark and light raisins – 葡萄乾
125cc dark rum – 蘭姆酒
1inch (3cm) strip of orange or lemon zest – 約1吋的橙皮或檸檬皮
180cc whole milk – 全脂牛奶
130g sugar – 砂糖
375cc heavy cream – 鮮奶油
pinch of Salt – 少許鹽
4 large egg yolks – 蛋黃

Extract from David Lebovitz – The Perfect Scoop


1 葡萄﹐果皮﹐酒﹐用小火用兩分鐘, 然後放在一邊泡個半小時至幾個小時…  (我趕﹐泡得不是很久)
2 砂糖﹐牛奶﹐125cc的鮮奶油﹐用小鍋一起煮熱﹐倒入蛋黃裡﹐攪拌.
3 將(2)倒回小鍋﹐一邊用中火煮﹐一邊攪拌﹐煮至濃杰
4 然後再加入其餘的鮮奶油﹐攪拌.  將將整盤東西放涼﹐然後放進冰箱冰
5 然後將(1)的酒瀝乾﹐備用. 其餘的酒就留著45cc﹐加進(4)裡﹐就可以直接用冰淇淋機了
6 平均冰淇淋攪拌20-30分鐘就可以了. 到差不多好的時候﹐再加入泡過得葡萄就可以了

1 raisins, fruit zest, rum in a small pan, simmer for 2 mins. Leave it aside for at least a good few hrs. (I was in a rush, leave it as long as i finish the custard = P)
2 sugar, milk, and 125cc of cream, using a sauce pan heat it up until warm. pour it onto the yolks, mixed well
3 pour (2) back into the saucepan, using medium heat, stir while you cook, cook until it turned thick and able to cover a wooden spoon. offheat.
4 pour through a sieve into the remaining cream, mixed well. Leave everything to cool down before you refrigerate the mixture.
5 remove the zest in (1), and sieve the rum. put the raisins aside, but measure out 45cc of the rum, add more if neccesary to make it into 45cc. add the rum into the mixture, and put it into icecream machine to churn.
6 on average icecream should be done within 20-30mins. once its near the finishing time, add the sieved raisins into the machine, churn for a few round… then you can put it into a tube to freeze.

For full detail english receipe, please refer to David’s book at page 52. Thanks……  =)


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