Giotto, a so copied version that i have had in a London Patisserie – Patisserie Valerie. I haven’t just had it once only, but two times or three. It’s a cake that I feel it can satisfy my needs, chocolate mousse (yum!), then the mascarpone cream (good alternative if I can’t have tiramisu), so there you go…. = )
The mousse part that they made are far darker than my version, but I remember i did used some chocolates that I have got from Barcelona’s Cocao Sampaka, they where 70%. WIsh I can go back to Cocao Sampaka….!!!!
6inch mould
Sponge cake – 2 slices
Milk 38g
Whipping cream 225g
Sugar 18g
Yolk 1.5
Bitter chocolate, around 70% – 115g
Gelatine leaves 4g

1. Chop the chocolates into pieces, set aside.
2. Soak the gelatine leaves into cold waters, aside.
3. Yolk and sugar, whip together till pale yellow.
4. 187g cream, whip till 60% thick.
5. Milk and 38g cream heat till boil, let it cool down abit, and pour into the yolks, gentlely mix well.
6. Pour (5) into the sauce pan, heat gently until its like custard alike, if its not smooth, you might need to sift it.
7. Pour (6) into the chopped chocolates, stir well until its melted, if the heat its not strong enough to melt it fully, you can water bath it to get it all melted. Then add the soaked gelatines (removed from the cold water), mixed well
8. Fold (4) into the chocolate mixture, divide the cream by 3, add in and fold gently.
9. Assemble; sponge slice – mousse – sponge slice – mousse
10. Leave it in fridge to set for a good 2 hours before remove for decoration.

Mascarpone cream
(basically I just extract this from a Tiramisu cheese cream part for the topping)
2 yolks
60g sugar
250g mascarpone cheese
– yolk and sugar mixed well till pale, add in the cheese, whisk well till smooth2 whites
60g sugar
Little salt
– Egg white and salt, use electric whisk, whisk well to form small bubbles, then you can add the sugar, whisk till medium stiff
Mixing two into one – first, whisk half of the whisked whites into the cheese batter, then fold the remaining into the batter to hold the air.

Assemble the Giotto
Remove the mousse cake from mould. Using a piping bag and round shaped nozzle, just pipe the mascarpone cream on top in ball shape. Sift little cocoa powder on top!


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