taro and green tea pastries 芋頭、抹茶酥

As a promise to my dear friend, to teach her this traditional Taiwan pastry, where they not only eat it all year round but also give out to friends and relatives during Mid-Autumn Festival.

The purple one its taro pastry with taro filling; the green one its green tea pastry with red bean filling.

Its fairly simple once you got the trick and technique… pitty there aren’t any salted egg yolk available, else it could balance the sweetness of the filling with the pastry.

Looking at this, jus reminds me how many of these I have made one time to distribute…

updated on 3rd Feb 10 with receipe, sorry if its in chinese.

芋頭酥 20個
adapted from 老店餅鋪 – 顏金滿

油皮 40g/個
中筋麵粉 210g
糖霜 21g
豬油 84g
水 92g

油酥 25g/個
低筋麵粉 170g
芋頭香料 5g
豬油 85g
(如果要做抹茶口味的﹐低筋麵粉改成162g﹐然後加8g 抹茶粉)

芋泥 600g   30g/個 (如果弄抹茶﹐就用抹茶豆沙/紅豆沙代替)
麻糬 200g   10g/個 (可不加)

再桿成油酥皮(請看下面得的參考怎樣桿呢)。 將每個油酥皮從中間對切﹐切面朝上後桿成圓片﹐包入內餡﹐收口捏緊後朝下。
放入烤箱﹐烤25-30分鐘@ 170C﹐烤至餅皮酥硬即可。小心火太熱﹐可能會爆的。

**要紋路比較漂亮﹐除了包之外﹐桿麵時﹐要桿開一點﹐回捲的時候小心一點﹐就可以做到漂亮就多層次了。 當然﹐多多練習也是需要的﹐還記得我第一酥是多麼得少層次啊!!!~

Reference/ 參考
芋頭酥 – Carol 自在生活
芋頭酥 – Dessert Hut


15 thoughts on “taro and green tea pastries 芋頭、抹茶酥

  1. Evon says:

    I’ve always loved the foods you prepared, the presentation looks so great. I hardly find any friends who enjoy cooking around my age now. I enjoy the mooncake a lot, I guess you are Taiwanese?

  2. Suzie says:

    taro bubble tea, you know.. London’s China town have such things, but i know its concentrated stuff… wish i can drink it in Taiwan…. ^^ but Taro icecream its another level, i will try and make that one day soon!!!!

    Many thanks… always? do you used to go wretch blog of mine?? thanks thanks.. your comment gave me good sense of achievement ^^ Nope, I am from Hong Kong, but lived in London for long time… so as they say, i m half half /.\ aiii…. Talking about mooncake I didn’t have any proper cantonese mooncake this year.. sigh! Will do for the next year…. as i didn’t make masses of them, so i don’t feel i have celebrated a mid-autumn festival hhaa~~

    thanks guys, appreciate your messages!

  3. Evon says:

    Hi Suzie,
    YES, I used to go to your wretch blog and have always been very amazed by the standard and the presentation of your cooking.
    Are you a professional cheif, if you don’t mind me asking? 🙂

  4. Suzie says:

    no no no.. not at all, i graduated in business management. and now working in the city. highly enjoy patisserie, but i can be really lazy …. as i got lots of receipes in my mind that i would like to try, even got the ingredients, but i just end up lazy on my free sunday. = P

    do you have a blog??

  5. Evon says:

    Hi Suzie,
    You are very talented.I’ve always thought that you are a professional chief. 🙂
    I am a PhD student in optometry, but always wish that I could take some formal cooking lessions if time permits.
    I checked out people’s cooking blog frequently, and quite keen to try out the recipe if I have time. Really glad to have met you.

  6. Peter says:

    Just came across your site and I love your taro and green tea pastry…looks really great and I’m sure its delicious. Could you possibly provide us the recipe and “trick and technique”? Please, please….looks too scrumptuous.

  7. Suzie says:

    Hey Evon,
    Many thanks for your compliment, I wish I can.. but yet I guess I couldn’t handle those kind of pressure. Although i do wish i can be working in the creative field.
    I actually have the same idea, I really want to go on professional training…. definitely you should try and share. Althoughm, I really want to surf more, but I often find myself with limited amount of time to food blog visiting.

    I might not be able to do so within short time, but do you read chinese?? i can send you some links on the receipes and tricks.
    let me know.

  8. Peter says:

    Hey Suzie,
    Thanks for replying back. I cannot read chinese, however, i do know someone that does…if you can provide me those links, I can have them translate it to me. But if you have more avialable time, I wouldn’t mind having them in english (if I do not get a chance to get it translated)…that would be awesome. Thank you!

  9. Ange says:

    Hi Suzie,

    I came across your site in search of this recipe
    as an aquaintence had once made these at a get together and it was sooo delicious.
    Sadly I have lost contact with this aquaintence n have since then been searchin in vain for the recipe.

    I am very impressed with your site especially your food blogs as I too am a lover of food.

    I was wondering if you would be able to assist me in ending my search?

    Would there be Any chance you would be so kind as to share the recipe? It’s no problems if it’s in Chinese 🙂

    thankin you in advance 😀


      • Ange says:

        Hi Suzie,

        Thank you so very very much for the recipe.


        Now it’s just a mater of mastering it to get it looking like your photo.

        Thanks once again.


  10. Suzie says:

    hey Ange,
    just got me any shout if you anything you don’t understand. i afraid i couldnt provide my own pastry picture… really aint made it so long.. but its just the more you practise you have, the better the pastry will look for sure.
    have fun! =)

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