cranberries cookies 蔓越莓奶油餅乾

Christmas has arrived…. Happy Christmas~

Somehow i found a packet of dried cranberries in my ingredient cupboard, thinking i need to used them up. And out of a spark, cranberries fits the christmas theme, you know turkey and cranberries. So there I was, spent my one sunday afternoon at home, just to kill that block of butter. I made so much that i was keen to give some to a good friend, but what’s so funny its that i forgot to bring it out. My mother and brother end up eating it all…the texture of the cookie its so buttery, it melts in your mouth…. some might find it too much butter, and personally think so too. ha~ to save any hassle, i used a cookie press for this, in one single pattern. I have actually tried using this receipe for earl grey, green tea, rose bug flavours, all are fab!

Do play around with receipes to yield different outcome. Have fun baking.

Cranberries cookies
unsalted butter 120g, room temperature
icing sugar 60g, sifted
salt  a little
egg yolk   2
cake flour 180g, sifted
cranberries 50g – 100g, chopped till tiny dice

Preheat oven at 180C.
1. butter mix till soften;  add salt, and icing sugar by 3 batches, mix well till light yellow colour.
2. add in one yolk one at a time, mixed well fully
3. place the cranberries into the flour, trying to separate the diced cranberries. Then add into the batter by 3 batches, mix well using a spatula.
4. using a cookie press, by its instruction, make cookies on a baking sheet. Bake the cookies at 180C for 10-12 minutes.

蔓越莓………………50g – 100g, 切成碎

事前準備 – 牛油切丁放至室溫。分開蛋白和蛋黃。薄力粉篩兩次。

1. 牛油加打軟,加入鹽,糖粉分3次加入牛油打成白色。
2. 每次加入一個蛋黃在牛油混合物中拌勻。拌勻好之後加入玫瑰碎拌勻
3. 薄力粉分3次加入拌勻。
4. 開動焗爐180度。
5. 用整餅器整形,用180度焗10~12。


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