chinese sugar soft cake 光酥餅

光酥餅, guang su bing in mandarin. It is atypical street food in Hong Kong, China. Its more a doughy biscuit but yet taste a bit like cake. Its more like a snack or street food as people would say. I have a childhood memory of this, while i was studying primary school in Tai Po, Hong Kong. Everyday after class, i always wait at the nearby sweet shop for my mother to pick us up, so with the 5 dollars that my mom give me just in case i got lost, i certainly use that money for some snacks or sweets. And this snacks is my top choice, 2 dollars (at the time, around 1990) i can get a pack of guang so bing, with 2 big round biscuit inside…  memories!

中粉 plain flour 50g
砂糖 caster sugar 15g
蛋 egg 10g
水 water 15g
煉奶 caranation condensed milk 5g
奶粉 milk powder 2g
泡打粉 baking powder2g
酵母 yeast 1g
香草精 vanilla extract 2滴


還有香草精加太多不好吃.  覺得可以多加點奶粉﹐但要減少麵粉份量.

basically,  place everything together and knead till smooth, but careful not to get the gluten out of the dough.
leave it to fermentation for an hour under warm temperature.
once done, separate into small dough, make it flat with a bit of flour. place onto baking tray, cover it up with cling film and leave it to rest for 30 minutes.
Then you can bake it at 180C for 12 minutes.

when you are baking, make sure you are covering up with foil to avoid coloring.
careful not to add too much vanilla extract, taste toooo artificial.
feel you can add a bit more milk powder but need to adjust on the flour.
careful not to over baked, it tend to go dry easily….


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