chicken thigh with brocoli and mushroom in oyster sauce

Home cooking #1

Bone free chicken thigh in oyster sauce with broccoli and mushroom.

A typical dish that we would eat at home, i reckon a lot of people think what we eat at home its like take away food. In the way, yes but difference… the cooking method and variety of dishes; shall gradually share what i eat at home with you all.

the chicken thigh, boned, marinade with salt 鹽 + light soy sauce 生抽+ sugar 砂糖 + sesame oil 麻油 + oil 生油+ white ground pepper + little corn starch, leave good period of time before you pan fried it.

the veg, dice mushroom in halves. broccoli in small stems. to boil them…. boil clear water, add in mushroom, half cooked, drained. do broccoli after mushroom, before add in the broccoli, make sure you add some oil and salt, broccoli till 60% cooked, drained. both set aside.

to make this typical oyster sauce; oyster sauce 蠔油+ sugar砂糖 + dark soy sauce老抽 + water 水+ corn starch生粉. got to mention the fact that it be wiser to mix the corn starch with extra water, so that you can control the sauce consistent.

once pan fried the thigh, set aside, then you can cook your sauce and add in the boiled half cooked veg and stir well. and add in the chicken thigh or pour the sauce/veg over the thigh, serve with plain rice.

haha~ very brief of how we do it at home. i afraid, i cannot give percise quantity of seasoning used as that really depends on your personnal preference and the quantity of ingredients…


2 thoughts on “chicken thigh with brocoli and mushroom in oyster sauce

  1. Helen Yuet Ling Pang says:

    YUM! A proper home cooked dish, where it’s not possible to write out the amounts (whenever I ask my mum, she always says it depends!). This sounds delicious though and I have all the ingredients already, except for the chicken and broccoli.

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