tiramisu 提拉米蘇

提拉米蘇﹐相信是每個人對意大利甜品的認識吧。 很久沒弄它了﹐朋友聚會﹐剛好就拿這個簡易快捷的食譜弄了一個甜品給好友們分享。 下班回家﹐買好材料就可以趕快的弄﹐真不錯呢。。
食譜是很久前的一位網友分享的﹐名字是Hermina. 很多謝她的分享﹐要不﹐我也吃不到那麼美味可口的提拉米蘇呢。

Tiramisu.. pick me up please. kaka~~ i m sure most of the foodie around knows the meaning of tiramisu, and its the easiest cheesecake i have ever made. Quick and easy, can make it in a hurry if you need to please your friends and family. And indeed, i have..

This receipe was actually shared by Hermina in a Chinese cookery forum, the forum has disappeared but luckily i have kept the receipe and its the easiest tiramisu you can make, no cream or gelatine, just the right amount of mascarpone cheese, egg and sugar plus sponge finger and coffee.  The texture of this dessert its really creamy…. personally, i don’t like dessert being too sweet; the sugar quantity on this receipe is perfect esp. with the cocao able to balance out the sweetness.

For 6 serving. Please be ware that the receipe contain raw egg, so woman with baby please use alternative tiramisu receipe. 懷孕的女生不要吃喔﹐因為它有生雞蛋呢。

227g mascarpone cheese 意大利芝士
2 egg yolk 蛋黃
30g caster sugar 砂糖

2 egg white 蛋白
30g caster sugar 砂糖

250cc hot water 熱水
4-5 tablespoon instant coffee 即溶咖啡
** Make this in advance, mix them together and leave it to cool. 請先弄好咖啡﹐才放涼﹐備用。
** coffee is such a personal preference.. please adjust yourself

Method 做法
Yolk and sugar, whip well till slight pale. 蛋黃跟砂糖﹐打成惟黃色
Add in mascarpone cheese, using a whisk, whisk well till no cheese lumps; leave aside. 加入芝士﹐攪拌至均勻﹐沒粒 然後備用

White and sugar, using electric machine, whisk well till small bubble foam forms, add in the caster sugar.
Whisk till its in good medium stiff peak, can’t say its stiff peaks, between soft and stiff…  so that it can easily mix into the cheese batter. 蛋白跟砂糖一起打至軟硬身。 先打蛋白至有小泡泡然後加入砂糖﹐繼續打至軟硬身。
Once it reach the required consistency, add the whipped white into the yolk batter in 2-3 times, using a spatula fold into the cheese batter. 然後分次﹐最好2-3次加入蛋黃糊裡﹐利用括刀拌勻。

Composition 組合
sponge fingers dipped into the coffee, i like it to be high soaked so that my sponge its not soggy.. one dipped, line it onto your dessert glass or trays, spread a layer of cheese batter on top, place another layer of dipped fingers and spread over the remaining cheese batter. Leave it in the fridge for at least a good few hours or overnight.
手指餅乾泡一下咖啡﹐然後排好﹔倒入一層芝士糊﹐再排一層餅乾﹐最好倒入余下的糊就可以放進冰箱2-3小時 或過夜。
Once ready to serve,  sift enough cocao powder over the cheese batter and its ready to serve. 吃時灑點可可粉就行了。


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