banana oreo cheesecake 香蕉朱古力奶油夾心芝士餅

It has been so long since i last made this, a friend of mine was asking for a receipe…
This receipe was actually shared by a cake shop in Hong Kong called Thereasa Festival on TVB gourmet tv program, soooo long ago. And i have made it a good few times with positives responses from friends and family.
Keeping this short…. as i m tired from translating the receipe into english. kakaka~~~

Banana Oreo Cheesecake

Biscuit base
Oero biscuits crumbs 6 oz
(when you buy oreo, remove the white cream bit and use a rolling pin to bash it till crumbs or blend it till crumb using a blender)
unsalted butter melted 3 oz

Cheesecake mix
Creamcheese 7 oz
sour cream 5 oz
icing sugar 1 1/2 oz
egg yolk  2
milk 1 oz
banana (best riped) 1 medium size roughly
whipping cream  9 oz (if you use double cream, the taste tense to be richer slightly)
oero biscuits (broke into bits to be add into the cheese batter) 3 biscuits – this is optional
oero biscuit crumbs (to be mix into the cheesebatter) 3 oz – you can omit this if you want a pale cheesecake?
gelatine powder 3 teaspoon or 6 leaves (1 leaf = 2.5 to 3g depends on the brand you use)
water 6 tablespoon

Biscuit base
Mix the oreo crumbs with the melted butter, and pour it onto the loose based cake mould. Using a spoon and smooth it out into a thin layer of base. put aside or into fridge while you prepare the next part.

Cheese batter
cheese + icing sugar, whisk using medium speed till fully mixed, add in the yolks, sour cream and milk; continue whisk till its fully cooperated. you can use hand held whisk or electric whisk, both are fine.
smash the banana via blender or fork, which ever way its better for you. add into the cheese batter, mix well
add in the oero biscuit bits, and the 3 oz oero crumbs into the batter, mix well.
Gelatine powder with water, mixed well, and let it the gelatine dissolved into the water via water bath. once melted, set aside will be in a good temperatute when we need it.
Now, whip the cream in a separate bowl till its 70percent stiff, then add into the cheesecake mix.
then you now add into the gelatine mixture and mix well.  and the batter is now ready to pour into the biscuit base.
put into fridge and let it set for at least 2 hours or more. best to fridge over night.

To decorate
remove the cake from tin, by rubbing a hot towel around the cake tin.
push it out from the bottom, as its a loose based cake tin.
Now you can decorate which ever way you want it. but for the picture wise, i just covered the whole cake using oero crumbs. and pipe a little cream on it and place a oero biscuit over it.


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