water chestnut cake 馬蹄糕

Howdy! Only 2 weeks till Chinese New Year… guys, remember is 14th Feb… ooohhh clashes with Valentines day. =P nvm, CNY is the main priority here, everyday can be Valentines day right?

Waterchestnut cake is a typical sweet dish that you would order when you got for dimsum (or yumcha in another word), personally i don’t like it that much. But ever since i made it for my little cousin, he love it and insist i should make it for him this year with EXTRA waterchestnuts! so here is goes….

還有兩個星期就到農曆新年了﹐當然是立刻弄點點心來吃囉!!!  雖然新年那天碰巧是情人節﹐但過年打過天啊﹐當然要慶新啦 =P  不是第一次弄這個點心了﹐去年已經弄過給表弟吃了﹐而他今年特別要求要多馬蹄呢。呵呵~~~ 做這個點心其實不難﹐著為重要的是那個麵糊而已。。。  今年弄了三種不同得做法﹐跟大家交流交流吧。

馬蹄糕 Water chestnut cake
adapted from cookery forum member – Honney

2 x 18cm x 4cm deep foil round tin

(a) 馬蹄粉 water chestnut powder 150g
      玉米粉 corn starch 15g
      清水water 400ml
      蛋黃粉 custard powder  1 teaspoon

(b) 馬蹄 fresh water chestnuts  approx 250g (without the skins) 
       砂糖 caster sugar 250g
       清水 water 800ml

做法 method

Dice the chestnut into small cubes or roughly chopped to your preference. blanch it with water, and rinse and leave aside.
mix together the ingredients (a) together, leave aside.
boil the water and sugar of ingredients (b), this becomes your syrup. you must ensure that the water heats the boiling points and tons of bubble appears. once so, pour the entire boiling syrup into the mixed ingredients (a). Whisk while you pour rapidly, you will see the mixture thickens and it becomes more a thick paste.. this how it should be! then you can pour in the chopped/dice chestnut and mixed well.
greased the tins, and pour in the mixture into the foil tin. even out the surface and cover the tin with foil and steam it for 20 mins, strong gas.
once cool, and harden.. slice and pan fried till golden, to serve.

將材料b中的砂糖和水一起煮至沸騰﹐成糖漿。留意水一定要沸騰的﹔否則麵糊不會成糊狀的。 當沸騰時﹐立刻倒入材料a中﹐邊倒邊攪拌﹐材料立刻乳化變成稠稠得麵糊﹐這個時候便可以倒入之前切好的馬蹄了。攪拌勻後﹐就可以倒入已摸好油的盤去蒸。大火蒸20分鐘。 放涼後﹐便可以切片煎香﹐就可以吃了。

心得分享 Tips
– the easiest way to chop the chestnut is use a Chinese knife 菜刀(cai dao), bash it and then give a few chop. Viola! easy peasy lemon squeezy.. I tried dicing them and felt it can be quite time consuming and you will feel the chestnut bits doesn’t incorporate into the cake that well. 切馬蹄最簡單的方法是﹐用菜刀拍一兩下﹐然後切打幾刀就可以了。
– must must ensure your water is boiling and has bubbles showing. I once did not, and my paste is not as thick as it should be. and i end up having to steam layer by layer as the chestnut doesn’t stay in place and kept on floating onto the surface!! 水一定要沸騰﹐否則粉漿不會起糊的。試過一次沒有沸騰﹐弄出來的麵糊不夠稠﹐馬蹄丁就直接浮上來。
– as stated above, if it happened…. well it did happened to me! so i steam the mixture in layers. with the foil tin i used, i manage to get 3-4 layers. each layer should take about 10 mins to steam, though the first layer will be quicker. Con of this method is that, you will certainly see the layer segment (no good!), the chestnut bits still floats on the top of that segment (doesn’t look good either!).. Pro of it.. guess you don’t waste the paste and it still taste nice!!! 如上面說﹐解決方法就是一層層的蒸﹐每層需蒸約10分鐘左右。缺點卻是看得出層次﹐馬蹄也浮在那層的表面。
– i also tried out another way of mixing. after you boiled the syrup, pour half of the (a) mixture into the syrup, stir well and pour the syrup mix into the remaining (a) mixture and mix well. the mixture is half cook, but is way thicker and can be quie difficult to get a smooth surface! but the benefit of this is that it will definitely be thick and holds the chestnut bits.. so the risk be minimal of getting thin mixture.   另外一個方法是﹐糖漿沸騰時﹐先倒一半馬蹄粉漿進去糖漿﹐快速攪拌。 然後﹐倒回所有東西入馬蹄粉漿裡﹐快速攪拌。 這個方法出來得麵糊會比較難弄到平滑的表面。
– you must steam this in strong gas fire. you want to get the cake cooked withini shortest time possible (well esp for other cake dishes) the colour should be see through once its been throughly cooked. Becareful if is under cook; this will be rather difficult to resteam the cake again. .. as i done it once!!! 一定要大火蒸﹐小心還沒熟透就拿出來放涼﹐因為要再拿回去蒸的時間﹐是雙倍喔!!!


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