red bean tang yuan 豆沙湯圓

(ah well ugly snap i have taken.. howdy!)

Ya! i love this sweet soup…  tang yuan in red bean filling. this is a traditional chinese sweet soup called tang yuan and english would be something along the line of rice balls, rice dumplings… very often, the filling will either consist of red bean paste, sesame paste, peanut butter alike paste or just a small cube of sugar cane.
you will serve this tang yuan in sweeten ginger soup, which is cook using smashed ginger and slate cane sugars.

While, CNY is nearby… this is a must to eat on the Chinese New Year Eve, after our eve dinner.. 
as the chinese phrase goes 湯圓湯圓, 團圓團圓..
meaning after you have eaten this rice dumplings, the family will maintain together.

Its made out of glutinous rice flour + water. emm.. i never measure my ingredients when i make tang yuan i afraid.

糯米粉 適量 glutinous rice flour       x grams 
清水 適量 water                                   x grams
紅豆沙 適量 red bean paste                x grams

simply just put the flour into a bowl, gradually add in the water and mix/knead till you get a dough. then divide them into approximately the same size and wrap a filling inside, roll it into balls. voila.. thats your tang yuan! 
將適量的糯米粉放在大碗裡﹐慢慢倒入適量的清水。 一邊倒﹐一邊揉﹐將粉+水合成一個濕度適中的麵團。 分割至好等份一樣大小的小麵團﹐然後包入適量的豆沙餡. 利用雙手滾圓。

Once you are ready to cook..
水  適量(或是等碗量﹐即是說﹐如果煮4份的話﹐就大概用3-4碗水)
measure the quantity of water per bowl… i.e. if you are to cook for 4, using around 3-4 bowls of water (this also depends on whether you want extra sweet soup or not… is very personal preference)
片糖 適量 slate sugar cane
薑 適量﹐要拍一下 ginger; a good size piece, bashed (this depends how strong you like the ginger flavour to be, i prefer the stronger taste… )

just literately boil everything together. and of course remember to taste the sweetness. 就這樣直接一起煮至糖溶掉至水沸騰。 片糖一下子不要下太多﹐免得太甜了。 當然糖水一定要夠薑味才好吃呢。
**  be careful not to add too much sugar at first… gradually will do.

Meanwhile, in another small pan, bring some water to boil. once boil, you may add the tang yuan in to cook. and turn it into medium heat, and once the tang yuan is floating on the surface. this means is cooked through.  另一邊﹐用另外一個小鍋﹐將適量清水煮大火至沸騰﹐然後加入湯圓﹐改成中火﹐煮至湯圓浮起來﹐就外表熟透了。 火要小心不要太大呢﹐如果太大的話﹐湯圓會爆掉。**careful not to have the heat too high, as this might over cook the tang yuan, leading it to explode…

to serve, place a few rice balls into bowl and pour over the ginger sweet soup. and there you go! yumyum…. ginger is good for keeping you warm in winter!!!  湯圓陪糖水一起吃﹐一絕啊~!

– if you want to do a larger batch and keep it in the freezer. you can, but make sure you freeze them individually till harden before you pack it away.

Below.. is the flour packaging that you need to remember when buying it at Chinese/Oriental supermarket.


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