fried rice with cherry blossom shrimps



cook quite a bit over this Easter break. Not bad huh? while mom was having some other dish, i decided to crack this pack of cherry blossom shrimp open and make this fried rice using it.

my rice actually has more ingredients than rice, haha~ you will never get that in restaurant. the shrimp, little salty, nice shrimp aroma … but i really got no idea why is called cherry blossom shrimp. time to google! i got them from Japan Centre, London; after watching this taiwan cookery programme and made this. =)

no specfic receipe used, just make it like normal fried rice. however, you need to pan fry the ebi first to get the aroma out.. and then do your normal routine, before you add the ebi back into the rice ^^

mm…. count down to May Bank holiday, starting from midnight. LOL


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