congee 粥


粥 II

媽咪常會說﹐你拍什麼? 有什麼好拍.

跟喜歡玩車的人一樣﹐喜歡改裝等等。。 你不明白﹐有什麼好弄﹐或是覺得浪費金錢 就是因為你不懂﹐或是不認同他們的﹐所以才會這樣說。


最近腸胃不是很好﹐老爸就說﹐吃白粥吧﹐清一清腸胃。 嗯﹐好的﹐媽咪昨晚就弄了白粥了。今天變成鮭魚菠菜粥了。

i have got a very bad digestion lately. my daddy suggested to have plain congee, to clear the digestion. Its a Chinese thing, just plain congee nothing else… i actually did feel better today! while my mom gave me another version tonight, with added salmon and spinach. Congee is kind of like italian risotto rice but more liquid and the rice is like broken into bits, like porridge. Congee has another name of Chinese porridge.

making it varies, but my mom taught me marinade the rice with salt and oil for 30 mins at least. water + slices of ginger + marinaded rice to cook, cook till the rice has broken, the water is thicken to your prefer thickness, add salt to taste.


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