poppy seed chiffon cake. 罌粟子戚風蛋糕.

poppy seed chiffon

chiffon cake no 2. i think i would like to do a chiffon cake series and challenge myself to see if i can do as many flavours as possible =)

罌粟子戚風蛋糕。天使蛋糕模 @ 20cm.
食譜 ~ 曾美子的食譜 @ 戚風蛋糕零失敗

A) 罌粟子 40-50g﹐蛋黃 4個﹐細砂糖50g﹐麵粉130g﹐泡打粉 3g﹐牛奶 90ml﹐沙拉油 90ml, 香草精 適量
B) 蛋白 6個﹐細砂糖 70g﹐鹽 少許 (or lemon juice a few drops or a little of cream of tar tar)。

烤約 180C @ 35mins (按個人烤箱而定)。


Poppy seed chiffon cake. Angel cake ring mould @ 20cm.

A) poppy seed 40-50g, 4 egg yolks, caster sugar 50g, cake flour 130g, baking powder 3g, milk 90ml, vegetable or sunflower oil 90ml, vanilla extract a little.

B) 6 egg whites, caster sugar 70g, salt a little (or lemon juice a few drops or a little of cream of tar tar).

Method, basic chiffon cake.
Bake at 180C @ 35mins (this can also depends on the oven type).


4 thoughts on “poppy seed chiffon cake. 罌粟子戚風蛋糕.

  1. yoghurtland says:

    Hello Suzie,
    This chiffon cake looks so professional! I’m looking forward to seeing your other chiffon cakes in different flavours.
    I’m in Australia, final year in my PhD. I haven’t had much time in the kitchen recently, but, I’ll definitely get back to the routine when things settle down a bit.
    How about you? You work in London?

    • Suzie says:

      Hey Yoghurtland,

      they are on its way! just been away and now catching up with everything hehe… thanks for visit. i m working in london for sure. hahah ~~~

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