nian gao 雞蛋煎年糕

sticky cake with egg.

It’s that time of the year again. A very special beginning for those who celebrate Chinese New Year. This year falls on the 3rd Feb… (yah! I know I know.. we got to work, unlike those in China/HK/Taiwan!!!).

Same receipe used as my last niangao post. However, I still reckon that you can add another slate of cane sugar (片糖). As I personally found it below my preferred sweetness, though my parents reckon this sugar level is perfect for them. Oh, my colleague has said the same thing too!

A typical way of eating ninggao is actually pan fry it with egg. Some people would opt to slice the niangao thinly, coat it with egg and pan fry it in shallow fire until the niangao is soften inside while the outside is golden burnt.
Funny enough, I prefer thick niangao. So what I do is pan fry it first till the niangao is soft, dip the niangao slices into egg and return it back into the pan and fry it till eggs are cooked and golden. =)

糯米粉 600g
椰漿 800cc
清水 190cc
片糖 600g ** 我覺得可以再加多一片的
澄麵 150g
薑汁 1湯匙 **我也覺得可以多加一點﹐我喜歡重薑味的。


**記得哦﹐蒸的時候記得要用foil 包好才拿去蒸。

note: ahhh i m too lazy to translate into English *blushes* but if you want to try, drop a note and i will do it asap.


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