red bean cake. 紅豆糕。


I realised I have gone a bit of “to do” mode again before I am packed workload etc again. I did tried my best after all with the 5 days a week 9-5, gym session, friend sessions and I have been doing human MOT lately. haha~~ please do make sure your eye check or dental check are not overdue. =) Health is the key!

Howdy, although i do reckon sugar is not that good for you. but i still enjoy making them… and god knows for what reasons i have brought so many tins of coconut milk at home (argh! i want to make chinese coconut cake that’s why…. ) and i have been staring this recipe i pasted onto my window sticky notes. so voila…. i have tried it!

Red bean cake, a classic chinese sweet pudding made with corn starch, coconut milk, red beans (aduki beans) and agar… its quite different to other western pudding, i guess is becaus of the corn starch used in the pudding based. I have tried various recipe using corn starch and water only vs this recipe with agar added. The texture is totally different. With corn starch + agar, the cake itself is more firmer and the texture is more refreshing. Where with corn starch only, the cake can deem rich after a feel more bite, not as refreshing as it could be esp. when you eat this in the summer. I will definitely keep on using the recipe with agar added.

大菜7g、紅豆50g、椰汁200g, 鮮奶400g、糖200g、水500ml、粟粉90克、水125ml



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