Made in China. 中國製造。



Tate Modern| The Unilever Series: Ai Weiwei.

Sometime ago, i went to see Ai weiwei’s art work @ Tate. Tate Modern is one of the galleries that i must give a visit every year, especially their The Unilever Series. Think so far, I have only missed the red sunlights!

I have to admit, Ai weiwei was a stranger to me at first when it was annouced who’s next? Not until i google and read his wiki/bio online. I am one of those individual that if i found a topic or an individual interesting, i will actually read up about it. It is quite interesting to see that many sunflower seeds at once. I am quite gutted that i didn’t visit Tate early enough to step and touch it.

Ai weiwei wants to draw our attention to the ‘Make in China’. I personally think is it a question with depth itself, does Make in china = poor quality? has yet this view point changed? why would consumer think the product was poorly made, due to what!? …. alot of questions! Hard! 

To be honest, I do wonder if anyone will think that far after looking at this art work? Art work itself is very debatable, I have always wonder why would you call any painting with black canvas and a white dot, a piece of art? even one year old can do that. lol. I personally think looking at art work require a little imagination and personal experience to grasp the meaning of the art work….. I once again, really misses my drawing pencil, blank canvas and paint brushes!

Exhibition till 2nd May, you better be quick! Now…. I need a buddy to go Saatchi gallery with me.


2 thoughts on “Made in China. 中國製造。

  1. business daily says:

    For Ai Wei Wei this line of critical enquiry has time and again lent itself perfectly to his own creative process that is both a product and critique of the role of art in china. An urban beach on which day trippers and workers sit to eat lunch or just relax in the glow of the grey London light that creeps in through the Tate s skylight. Here in London these little seeds from china reflect all that is good and bad about the production of a work of art installed in a museum..Wei Wei s contribution to the Unilever series has taken an entire village of crafts people in China two and half years to create and a team of museum workers to install.

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