See. Cambodia. IV.

1. A portable icecream van
2. A local stall we past through
3. Water ox on the green
4. Amazing green scene
5. Small boy at the village while we was on the quad bike tour
6. Walking around the city hunting for a restaurant
7. Loads of ariel/wire flying around
8. Phnom Penh city street

Another part of Cambodia photos. All taken by my beloved Fujifilm Natura Classica =)

I have to say while we have arrived at the evening on the first night, we didn’t get much impression of the Phnom Penh until the following morning. Of course, we appreciate that the city is quite underdeveloped and therefore we cannot compare how we are used to in London. In fact, it feels like I was going back to the OLD Hong Kong when I was a few years old before coming to London.

Phnom Penh, indeed is very dirty and dusty, I barely willing to speak on the tuktuk while the sand was blowing into my face. I was amazed at how my friend TT kept on chatting! @@ Some traveller suggest to wear a mask while you are riding on the tuktuk but I think sunglass is sufficient to block of the sand going into your eyes =)

While we returned from our quad bike, we decided to take a tuktuk to find a restaurant. Unfortunately, this restaurant was closed for their midday break and straight away we decided to walk to the Friends Restaurant, a very worthy restaurant that helps the Cambodian kids. Should you visit Phnom Penh, Please do make it part of your visit checklist. ^^ Having said that, our route to the restaurant was good… good in the fact that, this gives us a chance to explore the city a little bit. Get more feeling of the city, this is the main purpose of travelling right? No point to be on tuktuk or taxi all the time.

Phnom Penh, was indeed full of motorbike…. Is it similar to the old days China? Wonder how long will it take before everyone can own a car…??

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