agar agar egg. 大菜糕蛋。

Agar agar egg. 大菜糕蛋.

Agar agar 10g, soaked through till white and soft; remove the excess water
Water 1300cc
Chinese sugar rock approx 150g, this depends on your taste too.
Egg, slightly beaten (you won’t use the entire egg or skip this if you don’t like egg)
Egg shape moulds. This quantity fits 16 eggs roughly, can put the rest of jelly into jelly mould

Place the soaked agar agar with the water in a pan, cook until all agar agar dissolved. Then add the sugar rock, cook until all melted. Once cooked, if you like to add egg, switch off the fire and pour in a splash of egg. Stir a few to create the shreds affect. Once done, leave aside till cool. Ideally you should fill into the egg shape mould when the jelly is still liquid and warm.

Make sure you wash the egg shape mould well and wash your hand really well!!!!! Once done, hold the egg mould and literately fill the egg mould within the pot of the agar agar jelly. To get full egg shape, you will have to close the mould within the pot of agar agar jelly. Put into fridge to set.

大菜絲 10g 先泡水,瀝乾
水 1300cc
冰糖 約150g  可看個人口味而增減
蛋 可不加,看個人口味.
蛋殼模, 約16個.

大菜絲和水,一起煮容。再加入冰糖,煮容。 如果喜歡加蛋的,就在關了火之後加一下蛋液,略伴一下,放涼。


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