lobster tail grapefruit avocado salad


i have fallen into cooking lately.. let me start sharing some of my iphone snaps of my cookery moments.

here it comes…

For two,
two lobster tails, halved it and cleaned it, pat it with kitchen towel so its dry to fry. salt it, aside.
one avocado, de-stoned and cut into medium thickness slices, aside.
one red grapefruits, segementally sliced. i.e. all skin taken off and cut it by its segments, aside.
one bag of salad leaves, washed and place on plate

for dressing;
two tbsp of extra virgin olive oil
one tbsp of lemon juice
two tbsp of grapefruit juice
*if you want, you can do two tbsp of lemon and one tbsp of grapefruit juice. combination is really up to you =)
one clove of garlic
pinch of salt

stir everything in for the dressing, i think if you want it a bit sweeter, you may use orange juice? its all about experimenting the favour that suits your tongue.
okie, next, line the avocado and grapefruit as you wish over the leaves.
heat pan with oil, pan fry the lobster tail by cut side down. roughly 10 mins depending on size until cooked through where the shell turns red and meat side is lightly golden. place on leaves and spoon the dressing over it.


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