teriyaki beef udon with soft boiled egg

udon noodle

Another random night of easy dinner… taken a little while ago but never get time to blog about it =P

Don’t you think the udon looks a little like Elmo?

For two,

two pack of udon
250ml shop brought chicken stock, if not, use Knorr’s chicken stock cube and read instruction to make a stock. *this is really rough guide!*
one spring onion, thinly chopped
some nice steak for two,
teriyaki sauce – shop brought bottle
some veg i.e. asparagus or beans for blanching
two eggs
seasoning; salt and sesame oil

to do, you need to be a little multi tasking on this one.
heat one pan with water till boiled, add in the packet of udon. blanched it quick and then drained it out and run over cold water. leave aside.

make the soup stock with the chicken stock and water, which you may need to season it a little with salt and sesame oil. heat till boiled then lid on and leave aside.

at the same time, eggs with cold water, in the small sauce pan, heat until boiled. turned off, leave it for 4 mins. run over the tap of cold water. peel the egg when you are near done on the rest of the cooking, cut in halves only when you are about to serve. otherwise, the yolk will go dry!!!

blanch the veg in salted water and oil, in the last 5 mins.

meanwhile, heat a frying pan with oil, seal the steak on both side, for 2 mins or so. pour in some teriyaki sauce, let it bubble until reduced and looks like a glaze. Medium should be about 10 mins depends on the thickness. take out the steak and slice and plate up, pour over the glaze.

at the same time as well, you reheat the stock, put the udon for a quick heat spin. Place into bowl, put the eggs in, sprinkle some chopped spring onion. laddle in some stock. serve with the beef and veg.


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