mixed fruit cream cake

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A mixed fruits cream cake that i have made for a friend’s father for his birthday a short while ago. such a little back blogging at the moment.

This cream cake is similar to the ones you can get in China town, soft sponge with freshly whipped cream plus fruits in between. The advantage of having this homemade is that you can control the sugar content of the cake/cream as well as knowing how what you get is genuine than sometimes cake shop add cake improving substance into the sponge. hence, why you sometime gets a funny taste in sponge from the shop.

What i did for this cake was pretty simple. baked an improvised chiffon sponge cake, sliced into three. whipped some fresh double cream with sugar, you can even add vanilla pod or paste into the cream if you wish. Layer the cake with cream and fruit in between, and finally cover the entire cake with cream. Decorate the cake surface with mixed fruits. viola.

A friend actually asked when did you learn how to make a cake, this was probably when my interest in baking begins, about 15 years old? never been to professional cake lessons, all i learnt was from the internet. it just shows if you have the dedication to learn something, you can, regardless of your ability.

have a great week. xoxo.


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