coconut Roll 椰絲麵包卷

找到這照,原來弄了麵包也沒有分享.. 天氣炎熱,最適合做麵包,起碼容易發酵是吧^^ 自己弄麵包永遠好過在外面買的,那份用心希望吃的人會感受得到。

This coconut roll is such a classic Hong Kong style coconut filled sweet dough roll. A little like Western’s cinnamon roll but of course with a different filling and not as spicy but rather the milky and coconut taste brings some boring sweet dough into another level.

參考了65C湯種麵包﹐不過為求方便我沒做湯種呢 請留意.

無鹽奶油 50g (室溫)
細砂糖 50g
全蛋 50g
椰子粉 100g
奶水 50g

高筋麵粉 340g
水 175cc
酵母 1.5 茶匙
糖 65g
奶粉 1 湯匙
雞蛋 1 隻
吉士粉 1.5 茶匙
奶油 45g

將水加熱至 35 – 38 °C,加入酵母,待 5 分鐘。加入高筋麵粉、糖、雞蛋 、奶粉及吉士粉搓勻。待麵團搓成一團,且開始成平滑狀後,將牛油一點點塗於表面,然後繼續搓至平滑,約 10 分鐘。
第一次發酵:將麵團放進己塗上牛油的缽 (mixing bowl) 中,用保鮮紙或濕布蓋好,放在溫暖的地方,讓它膨漲約一小時至兩倍大小。
發酵後在麵團部份塗上蛋汁﹐便可以拿去烤 15分鐘 @ 180C

Unsalted butter 50g (At room temperature)
Caster sugar 50g
Egg 50g
Dessecidated coconuts 100g
Milk 50g
Whip the butter and sugar together, add in the eggs gradually and mix until combined.
Add in the coconuts and mix well
Lastly, add in the milk, mix until combined.
Ideally, make this after the dough, so the coconuts get to soak up the milk.

Using a sweet base dough recipe
Bread flour 340g
Water 175cc
Dried easy yeast 1.5 tsp
Sugar 65g
Milk powder 1 tbsp
Egg 1
Custard powder 1.5 tsp (this is why the buns you purchased in China town looks a little yellowish colour!)
Unsalted butter 45g

Prepare the dough as normal, ready for the first fermentation.
First fermentation; let it rise until double in size, which takes roughly about 45mins.
Once due, deflatted the dough, mould it and roll it out into rectangle, spread over the fillig mixture and roll up. Making sure the dough is sealed well.
Cut the rolled dough into respectively thickness, please on the grease paper lined baking tray. Second fermentation; for another 30mins or until double in size.
Then this is ready to bake for 15 mins at 180C until golden.


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