mini hydrangea cupcakes






yay! I have been playing with a bit of colouring with buttercream icing for my forecoming best friend’s wedding. This will be on the sweet table that I am going to be in charge with the decoration etc. I have took them to work and amazed all my colleagues so hopefully it will amazed the guests in the wedding too.

just a little details, I have purchased some lilac purple edible icing colour gel on eBay from Classikool and use a normal Wilton 1M nozzle. Cupcake recipe is the existing Hummingbird chocolate cupcake with their vanilla icing recipe. When you prepare to ice the cupcake, place small quantity of icing in a small bowl, drop a few drop of colour gel into the icing and mixed well. now, you have two colours of icing.

to archieve the two tones effects, place the lilac icing in the pipping bag, rub the whole bag around, so the icing is even spread around. or if you want, you can simply place small quantity around the icing bag. then next, place few spoonful of plain vanilla icing into the bag. once ready, close the top tight and pipe some icing out until you get the two tones effect and thats it you are ready to go.

with the three tones effect, i simply squeeze out the remaining icing. place the original lilac icing in left hand side of the piping bag, white icing on the right and some of the squeezed out icing in the middle and again, close the end of the pipping bag tight and pipe some icing out until the three tone effects shows and you are ready to go. alternatively, you can do dark lilac, light lilac and white icing batches and combine them sequentially in the pipping bag.

with the white icing plus some margin of lilac tone, you simply squeeze out whatever icing remain in the bag which will be lilac, then spoon all white icing in. alternative, you rub place some lilace icing and rub the pipping bag thinly with lilac icing and spoon white icing in. as usual, close the end and squeeze out until the tone shows…

viola… they are fun and looks great too!


5 thoughts on “mini hydrangea cupcakes

  1. Ev says:

    I love the different tones! I have wanted to try that technique for a while but I just haven’t gotten round to it. I have some leftover chocolate buttercream so I might try to stripe the bag with chocolate and see what happens.

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