coconut sago with grass jelly and lychee




this dessert was actually inspired by the two friends that i have made last year whom are now back in Aussie as well as restaurants in China town. You see, a portion of dessert out there cost about 5GBP sth, with the same cost, I can probably make 4-5 portions. =P

this dessert is quite classic, at least the coconut sago base are. And in Asia area, esp HK, they tend to mix a lot of additional ingredients with this coconut sago base… so here it, at the week long heatwave moment i’ve made this extremely easy sago with grass jelly and lychee.

coconut sago with grass jelly and lychee
approx 4-5 portions, depends on bowl size

1 can grass jelly, dice
1 can coconut milk
200ml water
100-150g sugar, depends on your sweet level
1 can lychee
half rice bowl dried tapioca, cooked until clear; when cooked run it under tap water for a little while, aside

boil the water with the sugar til sugar melted
pour in the can of coconut milk and heat up. make sure you don’t over boil it else they will split.
add in the cooked tapioca, mix well.
bowl it up and place aside to cool. you can then place this into the fridge.

place the diced grass jelly, lychee into the fridge to cold.

when ready to serve. grass jelly on the bottom of bowl, coconut sago, then throw in a few lychee over. serve.

**another method is, cook the tapioca as it is with a bit of sugar.
assemble it with bowl of crushed ice at the bottom, spoon cooked topioca over, then some grass jelly and lychee over. you can pour some sweeten coconut milk over if you like before serving.


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