mango sago with rice dumplings




Told mommy to get me two mangoes on offer from Sainsburys. GBP1 each for those massive one, finally it got ripen after a week. And what I fancy the most at that time was Mango sago.

Mango sago with rice dumplings

half rice bowl dried tapioca
coconut milk + 2 tablespoon sugar
two mangoes
200 glutinous flour + 2 tablespoon caster sugar

cooked the tapioca with sugar, some coconut milk in water until clear; when cooked run it under tap water for a little while, aside.
mangoes, one to diced and the other one to blend it with sugar and water until the right consistent/sweetness you prefer.
mix the glutinous flour, sugar with sufficient water, mix it until it form moist dough. then divide and roll into small tiny balls. cook it in boiling water until the ball floats. drained and place it into the cold water, aside.

cooked tapicoa at the bottom, spoon the mango puree on top, scatte some rice balls over, then spoon mangoes in the centre or however you wish, serve.

NB sugar really depends on your taste buds, so adjust it where neccesary.


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