banana pound cake 香蕉蛋糕

banana cake

…a cake that will killed some of the overly ripen banana. you need to have ripen banana, else the banana aroma won’t be there! =)

this makes you a loaf like those long take away foil tin but i was limited with tool at the time and used a 9inch round pan instead, causing it to look a little thin. its actually not a bad size for afternoon tea serving portion though!

unsalted butter 80g, in room temperate
caster sugar 90g
ripen banana 160g approx 2 medium size; 1/2 mashed and 1/2 diced.
2 eggs
120g cake flour
2g baking power
1g salt
*you may want to decor with additional sliced banana or walnuts

divide the banana into two portions, add half of the sugar into one banana portion, mixed well.
with the other portion, you either can rough mash it or dice it as you wishes.
with the remaining sugar, beat it with the unsalted butter, for approx 4-5 minutes until the mixture is fluffy and white.
then add the egg one at a time and beat well making sure that each egg is fully corporated before adding the next egg.
add in the banana mash, mix well.
then sift in the flour and fold in well.
finally, add in the banana dice/roughly mash into the batter, fold in well and pour into the mould.
lined the sliced banana and place on top of it..
let the cake bake at 180C for roughly 35-45 minutes. the time dependent on the mould you’ve used and your oven!

無鹽牛油 100 克 室溫放軟
砂糖 90 克
熟蕉1隻 160 克 (分2份) (一半切粒或片)
雞蛋 2隻
低筋粉 120克
發粉 2克
幼鹽 1 克

 將香蕉平均分2份,一份粒做餡料,加入一半砂糖用叉壓成茸。 將粉類混合過篩及將鹽加入。 將餘下一半砂糖加入牛油內用中速打約4-5分鐘至乳白色。 將蛋漿分4-5次加入牛油糊內打勻至油脂完全混合。 將蕉茸加入及打勻。 將粉類加入拌勻,加入香蕉餡及將麵糊倒入模內,放上香蕉片。 放入巳預熱180度的焗爐中層,焗35-45分鐘。


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