Hand painted stencil portrait


Have you ever had a Christmas that your friend goes to you, for our secret santa, let’s make each other a gift? This has to be handmade, no pre-purchase…. so there I was, debating what should I make….. tick tick tick, two weeks into Christmas gathering, a friend can no longer make it for the Chrixtmas gathering. Fair! what’s worst? this secret santa got call off!!!!!!!!

I’ve got given Sammy as my secret santa. At first I was thinking… what what what to make??? No!!!!!!!!!! ~~ a golden piggy bank(?) as i know he want to save, like push him to save. Then I was watching this Taiwan variety show on tv, skim pass the opening and saw a stencil alike snap. *Lightbulb flashed* A stencil painting….

IMG_9756 - Copy

To start.. find a photo, ideally one that shows a very good contrast on the face and body. On your photoshop or any photo software; using posterzie function or other. *I am not an expert on photoshop myself, so would highly suggest you to watch other stencil tutorials. in black and white, print the picture out onto a paper; cut into appropriate size, square on this occasion.

almost 4 hours spent on this…


then find a canvas with thin edge, you can use a thick edge if you want too. find the centre point and stick the print out face size up. stick the edge up. then use a pencil and trace the stencil photo on the canvas. a trick is to stand the canvas against the desk lamp, if you dont have those light box… I don’t have one either, hahaha~ just a one off DIY gift =D


then find some black arcylic paint, and paint within the traced line and of course match it against your original stencil picture, just in case you get painted onto the wrong line.


Voila. A hand painted stencil picture done!!!


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