A visit to Art14 London.

#instagram of ART14 LONDON, from Olympia station platform ha~

#Work of an Brazil artist, where landmark items are cutout and stick onto the guide book of that country.

#another shot… above.

#A comtempory painting of a monk on his bicycle

#Zhu xinyu’s painting, cannot do justice on a photo. when you look at it real, you can feel that deep soul….of this painting.

#Tianbing Li’s Sitting In Front Of The Propaganda.

#Mauro Piva’s handpainted paper art in frames.

#window painting of South Park… they killed Kenny…!

#Qin Chong’s burn cones on canvas.

Art14 London, I am so glad that i have managed to find a buddy to attend this event with me. I perhaps would go on my own next year if no one will want to go with me. I felt that it is truly worth the visit, particular you do get 2 for 1 offer, as they promote nearer the opening of the event.

When  you attend an exhibition, most likely you are only viewing one artist’s work in full scale. Here, you will see so many world artists’ talent showcase in one big event. Its amazing. Just like any art fair that also exist in London. London is such an amazing city full of art loving people.

I was amazed at many of the fine art works, their skills and talent… you wonder, how many years of training can you reached to this painting skills? Or how one’s creative can be like this??? And it does inspires any art loving individuals, such as myself, painting as a hobby…

I shall look forward for any other art fairs in the coming months and Art15 London in 2015.


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