Loong kee Cafe, London

#Grilled Meat with Vermicelli – Pork and Spring Rolls

#cold chicken feet with picked raddish and lotus stems

#Minced meat steamed rolls

What’s a better way than making a visit to Columbia Road Market on a Sunday morning and then have a great catch up afterward over some authentic Vietnamese foods.

I truly enjoyed the quality catch up that I have had with my friend J, whom has recently acquired the role of wife to her mr. Hearing the same issues from the same generation as your own is different to hearing from generation above. Realised how life can be this tough and proud how both J and her mr has grown together and built their own home. I am looking for that day of my own. In the meanwhile, I shall enjoy life as it comes by…

Walking up the Shoreditch high street to the final doors of these Vietnamese resturant. Here it arrives….. Loong Kee Cafe! No doubt, this is not my first time and surely will not be the last time.

A thing or two that you must eat in this place; pho is one of them and minced prawn/pork steamed rolls is the next. This vietnamese steamed rolls rarely exist on many of other existing Viet restaurant and I will emphasis that YOU HAVE TO TRY IT! Dip the steamed rolls into your fish sauce eat it with some chopping up lettuce. Viola, a mouthful full of goodies.

This chicken feet with pickled lotus stems and raddish was my first try; surprisingly speaking, I quite enjoyed this dish. The sunday was hot, so we wanted something refreshing and this dish is it. I remember seeing the lotus stems before but never tried until this meal, I quite like the texture of it. And match very well with the densed texture of the chicken feet.

Finally, here comes the vermicelli salad with grilled pork and spring rolls, I loved vietnamese spring rolls or perhaps spring rolls in general. Pour in the small bowl of sauce mixed well and eat! As much as the main ingredients etc are all good but i felt a little disappointed with the sauce itself, it lacked something… i felt, a little sour or could do with a touch of sharpness? or fish sauce… something is missing which I cannot describe but mind me, taste this thing is very personal.

Won’t be my last… I am returning even though the services wasn’t great but at least the foods are good.

Loong Kee Cafe
134G Kingsland Rd, Bethnal Green, London E2 8DY
Loong Kee Cafe on Urbanspoon

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