The London Original Print Fair 2014












The London Original Print Fair 2014

With my limited awareness to the exhibitions or fair world, I did not even aware of this Original Print Fair until this year! What have I been missing all these past years?? And come on, to the beloved brother who does graphic illustration in university… this fair was closely linked to graphic art side of work. How could he not know about this?

Firstly, must thank Jealous Gallery in Crouch End for offering me the complimentary ticket to attend this Print Fair. This fair really did opened my eyes once again, after attending the Art14 of big art world work, then the AFF 2014 for the more connected to daily life work to this fair. The work avaliable varies from silk screen prints, graphic prints, wood cut prints, litho prints, etching prints… some of which i have touched at secondary school. It really amazed me how some of the etching prints were very detailed!! I noticed one Japanese art print work was hang on last year’s Summer exhibition too.. but oops, i forgot its name!!!! And honestly, I was quite surprised how artists’ work were like… i felt inspired, yet, I do wonder what have i really taken away from this exhibition?? mmm….

Although is not something I can easily do with, printing at home, but I feel inspired and happy to see how wonderful London is on promotion art work and still is…  this is what makes London special!


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