The Wind Rises

The Wind Rises by Studio Guibli.

It has been said that this is the final farewell piece from Hayao Miyazaki, whom is the one of the founders of Studio Guibli.

I did not have any expectation of this movie but I did have had a good read up on the forewords from others and also, read up on wiki on the engineer who this movie was written based on. The animate movie for once seem more mature and it had kiss scenes which it never did in any of his previous movies.

The story line was a simple, based on the biography of Jiro Hirokoshi (1903-1982) which whom had a child dream to be an plane engineers and did become a famous one who designed the Zero fighter for the World War II. At the same time, Hirokoshi had fall in love with Naoko whom he first meet at the train to Tokyo and later again in the resort. (Watch the movie to know the full story!)

Yes, to some this movie is more adult themed but yet there was a lot of noises saying how could Miyazaki draw about a man who built planes for war!? I personally took this movie as an inspirational one that you can achieve your dream no matter how hard or how many failures you have encountered at the time of trying. The love that he and Naoko have are so unique and strong that; she knows how much plane meant for him and she wants to spend her last moments in life with him… In short, live your dreams!

I was in little tears at the cinema and although I don’t think this is my number one piece of Studio Guibli, but nevertheless I have fully enjoyed the movie.


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