Ai Weiwei – Evidence


I was in Berlin end of May and randomly walked past Martin-Gropius-Bau, until I got back to hotel and decide what to do next few days that my friend and I goes, let’s go to Ai Weiwei’s exhibition. We probably cannot see this in London nor in Hong Kong China, might as well take the opportunity, right?


Modernism is the original creation of enlightened human beings, it is the ultimate observation of the meaning of existence and the misery of reality; it keeps a wary eye on society and power; it never makes compromises and never cooperates.
Ai Weiwei 1997 (quoted from “Ai Weiwei – Der verbotene Blog”, Galiani: Berlin, 2011)

Despite all the incredible hostility shown him in his own country Ai Weiwei decided to put on his largest one-man exhibition yet in Berlin’s Martin-Gropius-Bau. On 3,000 square metres in 18 rooms and the spectacular Lichthof he will be displaying works and installations which were either designed for the Martin-Gropius-Bau or have not yet been shown in Germany.

The name he has given to his exhibition is “Evidence”, a term well known beyond the English-speaking world from American TV crime series in the meaning of proof that will stand up in court. It is a political exhibition that Ai Weiwei has designed for Berlin in his simple and spacious studio in the rural outskirts of Beijing.



IMG_9414The exhibition allows me to understand the troubles that one artist might encounter. And how Ai Weiwei has turn this into an art in itself. Also, amazed at his creativity mindset by turning the politicial issues in the form art.  How dare devil he is, to go against the people up there…  each piece of art represent some recent politicial issues that Ai Wei wei want us to understand and stand up to speak against… It may not totally relate to anyone outside of China, but yet it is something important to take note or be aware of, even as a general citizen. 

I will encourage you to go and see this if you’re in Berlin, exhibition ends on 13th July 2014.

Martin-Gropius-Bau Berlin
Niederkirchnerstraße 7
10963 Berlin [Map]
Tel +49 30 254 86-0
Fax +49 30 254 86-107


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