migoreng with egg


Surprisingly, as they say, you eat a better breakfast while you’re on vocation than you are at home, on your daily basis.

There we were, making Mi goreng with egg for one of our Malta trip breakfasts. Of course, this could in fact be a good brunch idea too.

Mi goreng 1 pack
An egg

Hob on, sauce pan with water just enough to cover the noodle. Ideally, this should be cold water, noodle in as it is boiling. Once the noodle start to loosen, use your chopstick to stir it loosely and pull the noodle up in the air; do this a few times… until the noodle is cooked.

This method has been said will make the noodles more swollen and taste a lot more refreshing due to the air being absorb into the noodle!? I have tried this once… it does make the noodle taste different but I prefer the old way though….

At the time as you was cooking the noodle, frying pan on, cooking oil or butter (we used butter due to ingredients limitation), crack the egg and pan fry til the white are golden and yolk to your preference.

When the noodle are cooked, drained it and shake it a while to get all the water off the noodle. Empty the sachets of sauces into a plate/shallow bowl. Drop your noodle in, stir it well and place the cooked egg on top. Viola.


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