Ferro Rocher tree


i m sure wedding planning will be a headache, my best friend requested me to make her a ferro rocher tree for her sweet table centre piece and there i was, made it slowly using the free times that i have got over the weekend…

something you need…
150mm polyethylene ball
golden tissue paper (of course this depends on your plant base colour)
a wooden dwell 12 or 15 mm
a plant pot
some plaster mixture

#1 cut the golden paper into a 9inch circle

#2 with the foam ball, poke a hole using your dowel. Use scissor to start off a hole then poke the dowel in to get a well fitted hole. And cut the gold tissue into 8 wedges too.

#3 using pvc glue and stick the gold tissue paper onto the foam ball.

#4 and make sure you do a coat of glue all over the whole foam ball. let it stick on the dowel to dry off. This takes a day at least.

#5 when the foam ball is dry.. you can do the plaster bit in the pot. mix the plaster mixture accordingly to the packet, pour it into the pot, put your dowel inside and the trick to keep it straight is either to hand the dowel straight using some accessories or do my easiest method, using tape and stick it all four and keep it straight. leave to set overnight.

#8 when the plaster are dry, next step will be to poke a toothpick into the ferro rocher, poke it to the point that it just got to the chocolate shell, this is the best point it holds the toothpick.

#9 first find the centre point, poke one chocolate in.. and gradually work your round it, forming a straight line. And on the second row, poke the chocolate in between the earlier one…. repeat until done.

#10 voila. =)


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