homemade Ikea meatballs with mash


Special thanks to 煮家男人 Bob’s your uncle‘s video, which I’ve followed to make this dish. Have to say, the man who can cook is pretty attractive too hhaa~~

Who have never been to Ikea to grab some homeware and pop into the canteen for some reasonably priced casual lunch/dinner. My favourite is Ikea meatball with mash, the kid portion is enough for me… 5 meatballs and a spoonful of mash with gravy!~~ I have made meatball before in tomato sauce so its nothing new to me but with this one… the Ikea alike gravy, I cannot stop myself from trying it out. Very simple and easy recipe to follow.

The original video is here.

Else, I have watched it and made some notes for you guys.

250g Minced beef 免治牛肉
250g of minced pork 免治豬肉
1 Onion diced 洋蔥1個
1 Apple, blended into puree 蘋果1個
1 tbsp Milk 牛奶1湯匙
Half tsp Salt 鹽半茶匙
Half tsp of black pepper 黑胡椒粉半茶匙
1 tbsp of breadcrumbs 麵包糠1湯匙
Ground nutmeg *only if you got a jar already, else can omit.

40g Unsalted butter 牛油
1/4 quarter cup of cornflour 生粉

600ml of beef stock 牛肉清湯
2 tbsp of sour cream 酸忌廉

Parsley to garnish 香芹葉少許
Buttered Mash

Quick notes… hhaa

Melt 20g of butter and fry the onion until see through, leave to cool
Blend the apple into puree with 1 tsp of sugar.
Mix these two items together.

Add milk
Add 1 tbspn of breadcrumbs
Half tsp of salt and pepper
Add the pork and beef. Mixed well.
Leave it it to firm up, for at least an hour or so.

Make the meatballs by hand. Approx. 30 balls.

Heat Pan up, fry in medium heat with 3 tbspn of oil. Pan fry till brown, 4 mins each side until cooked. And leave aside.

Pan with remaining oil and melt the remaining 20g butter. Add the flour in, add the beef stock. Add 100ml each time and whisk well until boiling up.
Then add in the meatball and turn the heat down to simmer, cook for 10 mins. Add salt and sour cream. Mix well. **Bob add the parsley here into the sauce**

Serve on mash and pour the meatball and sauce on top.
Sprinkle parsley to garnish and serve.


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