Tips for Food photography on Instagram

its always challenge to be creative and different in your instagram feeds.. here is a few of my tips below… = )

Tell a process
You can use your photos to share the process of the final output like below, photos can be taken from the same angle view or over different angles. Or you don’t need to need to show the final product but rather the specific steps that you like. Why not use this to tease your mates who can’t eat your goodies??

IMG_0803 IMG_0787 IMG_0801 IMG_0795

Overhead shots
I normally take a lot of my food shots overhead… and i often think high overhead actually makes the dish look even more appetite. You could give it a try… keep it simple with just a drink on the side or wider picture that capture the entire table..   its all up to you, but do give it a try with different angle.

IMG_9958 IMG_7479

This is a make or a break of a photo. I have a bad habit of putting everything into the centre but if you look closer… you can put items into the golden 1/3 rule or use the instagram 9 box grid and put your key focus point on one of the four corners of the centre box.  I personally doesn’t like the focus option you get to edit the focus, though if you do put it in those specific point and soft focus the rest.. you will sure to see that your photo attracts the viewers’ eye!

IMG_0190 IMG_0741

Using different objects to accomplish the main objects
ha~~ I often like to take the food object on its own, but sometime additing some other objects to accompany the main object can actually enhance the whole feelng of the photos. Just like the photo on the right below.. that was unintentional but it become one of my best shots of my coffee series.

storestreetespresso photo 1

Look for different background on topic
I want to tell you… even you have the same food object, taking it with a different background makes the object a different feel too. Just like my coffee shots =) ha~
photo 2 IMG_0543

Create a series of what you eat for brunch/breakfast/lunch/dinner… etc
Simply…. to spicy things up a little or create a little series for followers. oh and make sure you have an item that will always exist in that serie, you know 😉

IMG_8731 IMG_9094IMG_0639 IMG_0790

Get close up
I love overhead shots, but sometime getting a little bit more closer to the food object draws out the focus to the specific food objects without other background etc. This makes the photo neat and allow us to really focus on the appearance of the dish’s ingredient.
IMG_0916 IMG_0917

Play with natural lights
I cannot stressed how important it is to take photos with natural lights, look at the bbq? its a lot brighter than other photos i have taken indoor. And why not caught some lights shining into your foods…? Oh… app adjust can never compare to natural lights =P
IMG_0742 IMG_7344

Take food objects with its environment
I have a bad habit (again!) with just focusing on the dish…  its always great to capture a bit of the surrounding and get a feel to your followers what sort of environment that brings you the good foods. =)

IMG_0578 IMG_0864

Keep it simple (esp for your own home cooking)
hehe… recently i am into cooking, cook a dish every weekend…. and to show off your skills, you can take photos of the process…. and with your final product, keep it simple is the key, for me anyway ^^

IMG_0944 IMG_0840

Use different effect filters to add some unique feel to the photos
Applying different filters give the object different effects…   the photos below says it all.
IMG_6660 IMG_3463IMG_3458 IMG_3744 monmouth flat white


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