kimchi fried spaghetti with egg


ello ello….. i was pretty into Korean foods for over three weekends and literately cooked a korean meal per weekend hhaa~ until i got bored myself that i wanted to try something different but not when i went into the Chinese supermarket and saw some reasonably priced kimchi.

kimchi, pork, kimchi, pork.

don’t know what i will make but i will buy it first and think later…

i have so many recipes i wanted to try on my weekend cooking but i was lazy and had a run in the park, come back and went to my mom  “you can take spicy foods, right… ha~ ” . tbh, this is not that spicy as i didn’t add additional hot chilli paste where some recipes asked for. it was good spicy level on a personal preference, as the kimchi was super spicy… haha~

normal recipe ask for noodles, of course, but we had none that i felt it matches with kimchi, i want something thicker than rice noodle… so spaghetti it is! This recipe inspired from normal kimchi fried rice which i m sure everyone knows…

spaghetti (can use instant noodle or thicker noodle), cooked with salt and a splash of oil, drained
kimchi, cut into pieces if not already is *separate the juice aside
spring onions, cut into 2 inch length
pork, cut into pieces
korean fishcakes (the one you use for rice cake dish), cut into stripes
onion, cut into stripes
soy sauce

*my ingredients portion were quite free, you add whatever you have got or preferred more of… don’t let measuring cup lead you, you decide yourself =)

Pan fry the onion until almost see through, add in the pork, stir fry it until almost golden. then put in the fish cakes, fry until all ingredients turned into golden. Plate it up, aside.
Oil into pan, fry the kimchi until the aroma comes through, add the cooked spaghetti, the onion, pork and fishcake, add in the some kimchi juice if you want it a little more spicy. Add in the spring onion too, stir fry well. add a splash of soy sauce, roughly a tablespoon; seasoning to your taste. salt is often sufficient. stir fry until all cook through and spaghetti is heat up.

Divide it into two plate, like a mountain.

Pan in some oil, medium heat, crack an egg in. keep it in medium heat for a sunny side up, else you will get a rough egg white not smooth one. cook for 4-5 mins until the white is cooked and by then the yolk should be warmed through. Plate on top of the spaghetti.


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