chrysanthemum pastry 菊花酥


Mid Autumn is here soon, wish you all Happy Mid Autumn 中秋快樂, the best time to consume some quality pastry and chill with families.

A HR colleague at work whom got seconded back to HK office, brought a box of mooncake back to the office… not surspringly to say, none of the English liked it, I took the advantage and go can I have one? the HR manager goes, you go for it S… viola, took a Maxim’s 雙黃白蓮蓉月餅, how long have I not had a proper white lutos paste mooncake?!?!? Perfect with some chinese tea.

Anyway… It was bank holiday in London and I had no plans but to chilled. I actually wanted to catch up with some movies and readings but in the end I end up staying in the kitchen and made a good few batches of assorted mooncakes. This is one of them where I made from the left over pastry…. more recipes to share, in time for the actual festival.

hehehe sorry, will find time to translate the recipe below!

菊花酥 20個
adapted from 老店餅鋪 – 顏金滿

油皮 20g/個
中筋麵粉 210g
糖霜 21g
豬油 84g
水 92g

油酥 10g/個
低筋麵粉 135g
豬油 67g

紅豆沙 400g   20g/個

用剪刀剪10 or 11刀,將剪開的扭上來。 *抱歉沒拍照,請Google一下怎樣弄*
放入烤箱﹐烤25-30分鐘@ 170-180C﹐烤至餅皮酥硬即可。


2 thoughts on “chrysanthemum pastry 菊花酥

    • Suzie says:

      高中時候受台灣節目影響,已經對這些很有興趣了。 之後便經常做給家人送禮, 很久沒做了,今年手癢便玩一玩囉 =)

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