After six months of being an expat in Hong Kong

If someone tell me I would get given the opportunity to work in Hong Kong. I probably wouldn’t believe it… until my firm did really gave me  this opportunity and until the point i have to pack my bags and on the plane that it really hit me .. it really is happening!!

I can truly say it was definitely a great experience to be in Hong Kong and being an expat. I suppose I cannot say I lived as an expat fully, as I can speak the local language fluently… I lived a life between a local and an expat. Did a lot of activities and exploring Hong Kong that I have never get to experience and see during my childhood…..




The arrival and having to adapt to a new culture and new lifestyle can be a little overwhelming but yet, you will be surprised how quickly one person can adapt and adjust so quickly..  and I love every single new experience that I have had.


My favourite area must be Sheung Wan located in the Hong Kong Island area, I often spend my lunch time with my camera exploring the scene and looking for great foods to eat. I love how close everything is and very easily access…. how there’s an uphill slope, how all the small traditional shops still exists and I hope they will never creased!, how the wet market brings a different vibe of HK, how it have a balance of Chinese and English shops/restaurants combine together….

and most importantly, this area gave me an extensive list of locations to try out all the foods that i can try while i am out there!!





And really glad to be able to stay at where I used to live in my childhood, having the time to explore and eat around the neighbourhood.. memorising my childhood, my primary school.. the wet market that my mother used to take me which has changed into a modern wet market…. The supermarket looks a lot smaller than what I though… that back door at McDonald still opens for entrance…  the 7-11 that I can easily pick up any snacks or a drink…

… a lot and a lot of things that you absorb and observes that words can not be used to explain what you have actually felt!





While I was there for work, my other purpose was to be a tourist of this city….I can’t express how lucky i am to get the time to explore this city. The islands and villages that i get to see, the temples… …. i can say i have went through different area of HK this time at least on MTR wise I did, maybe not every single locations but sufficient for the amount of time that i have had…



Dining on the street… in London, you seat out for the breeze and sun. In HK, you’ll eat dai pai dong for the local delicious wonton noodle.. !



That yummy golden french toast in Kam Wah….



Another amazing things of Hong Kong is how easy you can grab foods on your way home …beside the main meals, classic snacks are to die for, particularly the egg waffle that the photo below …. you often have to queue at least 5-10 minutes for a freshly made one. And that day i jumped the queue… as customers went off did not show up on time! ha!~~~





Don’t ever think only London have markets… HK have a few decent markets beside the famous wet market! The flower market, bird market, Temple street Night market, Ap Liu Street Eletronic market, Sneakers Street, Woman Street market and Fish Street…. all these are amazing scenes in HK that everyone include local should explore and enjoy! And of course, i went and visit every single one of them!



Have you ever seen such shop full of marinated meats for BBQ????




Beside the short winter in HK, you have to enjoy the warm humid weather that this city gets to offer…. I left in early May and the weather was at 28 degree approx…  their summer gets to pretty high like 35 degree. While you can in the pleasant time frame before the peak summer, make sure you enjoy the beauty nature that HK gets to offer…

I love hiking in HK. I didn’t get to do every single trail I want to try…but i did a few with friends or on Meet Up Hong Kong Hiking Group… You will regret if you never go and explore this part of HK!!! Best trail probably is the well known Dragon’s Back but others are equally amazing at its own rights! The most memorable one was probably the Tai Mo Shan hike that I went for sunrise, but I didn’t get to see the sun…. !




It makes me very happy to have met the people that i have managed to met… colleagues, friends of friends… university mates that i have not seen for ages since we graduated, friends from London… and friends that i have known from online for over 10 years!! You guys were amazing….. I’ve enjoyed the every single moments that we get to spend together…





How often you get to see scene like this?



Hong Kong made its name with tram on the HK Island.. ding ding as the local would call it. You will be surprised how many types of transportation that this cities offers…from metro, bus, taxi to tram.. there’s also small red or green vans that cut short the times you will need to go anywhere! I still did not get a chance to sit on the tram from beginning to the end terminal yet… one day! i will …and must do this!


And finally…. I can’t thank you my bestie Heidi enough for making my HK stay this amazing! I am super glad to have get to known her a lot better than anytime within the 14 years of friendship that we have had!!!   The x amount of first times that we have had together, the x places that we have been and activities that we did together…  our fei jai food tours, our extensive collection of that past 6 months selfies…… our cover photo, our lunches together, our encouragement for each other… thank you and thank you!!!!


Every time I look back at my HK photos and how much Heidi are there to be part of this amazing journey makes me smile and treasure this 6 months we have together even more and more…  the gorgeous Heidi is yet to come and I really believe you can achieve that!!!! Can’t wait for the July to come so I get to see this girl again!!!!

Hong Kong you’re amazing and I am I will be back soon again…! xxx


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