top ice-cream spots in Seoul, South Korea


Frankly speaking, I had a vague idea of what desserts I should have when I am in seoul and have had a list of places to visit. You know, you never get to do what you planned to do and you end up exploring different area at different time…

Go with the flow I would say and by this I mean eat as much ice creams or desserts as you see while on holiday. After all, you’re on holiday, right !?!?!

IQ84 churros
Picture above. Churros are not new in London but it appears to be a new comer in different corners of Seoul. I had another churros shop on my list but yet when I walked past this shop while strolling through Cheongdam-dong I couldn’t resist queuing up an order!
I had the original favour with the half churros on milk soft serve. And I have to say although the soft serves aren’t as dense and smooth as I would like it to be but the churros and ice cream are definitely a good combination! Why did London not have this!? Worth the try!

IMG_8837Macaroon Ice cream, Insa-dong main street

Not having enough time to hunt for the macaroon ice cream on list. I randomly walked past this stand on Insa-dong. Although I think it’s a little expensive (maybe I was broke after all the masks I have brought!) but I still went for it. This is new to me, I have never had a macaroon ice cream before beside homemade choux puff with homemade ice cream! I can assure you the texture is different but indeed worth the money you have paid. The only downside of this is probably the ice cream was too hard to bite into in comparison to the crunchy macaroon!
Other must visits includes Antique in Hongdae, Macameron, A la papa Cafe in Ehwa Woman Uni…

IMG_8806Remicone – 547-12, Sinsa-Dong, Gangnam-Gu, Seoul

I have made sure I get time to visit this place! I was surprised to see how small this ice cream parlour was… Nevertheless, I went straight in when the outside temperature was 10C, I was freezing but going in to have an ice cream? (I wonder why I did that too!?)
There were loads on their menu but I choose their infamous Thunder Bomb soft serve, It’s a mint favored candy floss served on top of the soft serve. Impressive looking huh?? It served with a tray so you can pretty much take the thunder down and have a bite with the ice cream. Speechless!!!

IMG_8379Softree, Itaewon

I was so full when I walked past this softtree, there’s a branch in HK but have a mixed view and pretty expensive for its cone! Knowing I don’t have much hours left in Seoul, I couldn’t help but push that door in… Viola, ordered a soya powder covered milk cone. The softserve was soft and milky however, as much as the soya powder gave it a little special. I find it a little hard to eat as I kind of choking from those powder… I shall return for its original again. Worth a visit!


The queue was massive to the point that his neighbour stalls got annoyed and kept on telling us not to stand in front of his stall. What does Aboong sells? They sell this Bungeoppang, a fish-shaped bread filled with red bean paste topped with a soft serve and chocolate covered stick. For approx. 3500 won you get to eat this, HK sold it at a double price..  what!? Of course, I would rather eat it in Seoul.

IMG_7989Sobok – 58, Eoulmadang-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul

Beside Coffee Smith, I went Sobok hunting in Hongdae area. This parlour sells healthy desserts that made by rice and gains. The ice cream was refreshing and you can taste a sense of rice on this smooth and detail decorated cup of dessert. Its so pretty, look at the flower details! The parlour was really easy to find but a little far off from Hongdae Station, I had a guy trying to talk to me in Korean but sadly to say I don’t know how to speak a word of Korean. And what’s the worse situation when at parlour? Its you dropped your dessert as you arrived at the table….I saw this happened to the girl next door, so be careful when holding this as the cup is light but the body of the dessert is heavy…

Enjoy the lovely summer and ice cream while in Seoul. I wish I am going back anytime soon!!!!!!


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