Lung Ha Wan Country Park Trail


Most people understand as a city that’s full of sky scrapers and neighbour area full of housing estates but the least you know is that Hong Kong has amazing green lands. Although, I didn’t do as many trails I would want within the 6 months that I was there but there are some unforgettable trails that I went on and definitely has been an eye opening experience to what country side of Hong Kong can offers.


I went on this hike via on Hong Kong Hiking Group, the trail organiser and assistants at the hike were amazing. Guided the hike all the way and make sure everyone is at the similar pace and ensure the same number of people are there from start to finish.

Beginning of the hike was a little too much of stairs, how on earth you do a nature hike on stairs I wonder, this is totally different to any UK hike that I have been on. Once I was 1/3 up, not to the summit but almost, the scenery that I have got rewarded was breathe taking.


Took a photo with the girl, Sophia, that was queuing next to me before we got on the bus. She is such a nice girl with a more western mindset in comparison to local Hong Konger I would say. Quite enjoyable talking to people mixed age and widen my perspective on what kids nowadays thinking like..


Would you not say these scenery is amazing?


I went wonder how people lives in villages, must be quite tiring travelling so far for the city.


Once we made up to the summit, there were some areas that were pretty easy and flat. We admire the scenery that we got rewarded and starting to hike downhill and reach the Lung Ha Wan aka Lobster Bay.


We took some group photo for the meetup website and we quickly ran off for our own sport outfit shoots (hahahhaaa~~~~~~). In fact, I have taken more photos with myself in it than scenic only on this hike. Pretty good to have Sophia on board.


Great hike. Hong Kong Government has made some really good website for hiking info, below I have included the official hiking link to this hike. Please do check out other routes while you’re there.

Lung Ha Wan Trail – Hiking gov reference

Trail information
Bus journey – Diamond Hill Plaza Holloway; Take Bus 91 and get off at Tai Au Mun Road: Journey should take around 40 -45 mins
Hiking route – Start off at Tai Au Mun Road, walk for 10-15 mins to the starting point of the Lobster Bay Country Trail; takes about 25-30 mins to reach to summit; another 30 mins down and walk back to the Tai Au Mun Road
Hike statistics – 5 km, total ascent 200 m, estimated time 2.5 hours
Finishing Point transport – You can catch Bus 91 and travel back to Diamond Hill Plaza Hollywood to take the MTR/Taxi/Buses for your next destination.


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