soft boiled egg and avocado on seeded toast

Photo 11-07-2015 13 05 32

What’s the best thing on weekend? Instead of breakfast, you make brunch that’s because I need to sleep in!
And what makes it even better is when you have avocado and your favourite 5 seeds bread at home.

This is what I have made to make myself happy on my last Saturday.

Soft boiled eggs x 2, shell peeled
Perfectly ripen Avocado half, sliced
Two 5 seeds bread, toasted

Cut the toasts into triangle, it work better in uneven number on plate. Eat one triangle of toast.
Scatter the toast freely as you like.
Then line the avocado freely and half one egg while keeping one as whole, line them as you wish.
A little salt and grounded pepper on top, ½ teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil drizzle lightly over and serve.

I did one of the egg poorly where the yolk is in the corner!!! Tips; turn the egg around when you place it in the sauce pan to boil to make the yolk going to the middle.

Now have this with a cuppa and enjoy the rest of the day.


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