Sculpture in the City


Sculpture in the City 

Have you ever thought of exploring the City within the city that you’re living in right now? Probably not, particularly if you work in the City you would just want to go home straight away after work, right?

I would have done the same until I decided to look for the miniature sculpture of Tomoaki Suzuki.. and there I was walking about my ‘well-known’ city one day after work, instead of one sculpture piece of work I found many more.

IMG_1736Bells II – Kris Martin

IMG_1733Broken Pillar – Shan Hur

Some sculptures are blended into the actual environment of the city.. like this one, if you don’t go looking you wouldn’t have notice this sculpture and thought it exist ages ago…

IMG_1730-2Breakout II – Bruce Beasley

It feel pretty amazing that there are sculptures scattered around between tall buildings…

IMG_1725Charity – Damien Hirst

… Would urge you to slow down your walking pace and explore this or your city slowly.

IMG_1720Red Altas – Ekkehard Altenburger 

have to say, some pieces it takes a longer time to understand or might not have the same interpretation as others….  but nevertheless, use your own imagination to interpretation that piece of work!

…… on a side note, I really cannot interpret the Red Altas above. (Sweat~~~)

Miniature Sculpture – Tomoaki Suzuki

Favourite piece of this year….. Love miniature sculptures. Have you ever watched the anime The Borrower Arrietty, its about those little borrower that lives under house. Doesn’t it sound like Pixel’s Inside Out?

IMG_1706-2Miniature Sculpture – Tomoaki Suzuki

IMG_1585Days of Judgement – Cat 1 & 2 – Laura Ford

I bumped into this one random day without realising its part of the Sculpture in the City and it really caught my eyes like it did to this business man. You wonder why is this believe in suits but head are covered. Fat cat? but it also looks like a humanize rats.

Art is a beautiful that exist in this world and please go explore around this city, whether it is something you like or not, try doing something new will be good for you. Enjoy art. Explore this public art Sculpture in the City until Summer 2016.


One thought on “Sculpture in the City

  1. Gai says:

    贊同!有時返工生活到悶悶地,在身邊見到呢d scurpture, 放慢腳步,細細欣賞,好relax。不過香港少這些機會!

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