must see and to do in Malta


How was your summer?? Did you enjoy the breezy UK summer, it didn’t last long did it?? The summer feel a little longer for me and I did not wore my long coat once (apart from in my South Korea trip!) but that’s because I was in Asia… this will probably not repeat again unless I move back home.

The most surprising trip I have ever encounter would probably be Malta. Malta was never a place on top of my list, until the moment that we all try to visit a country that four of us have never been before. That said, after all the cross checking and flight checking, Malta is it!  One friend did the flight, another did the car rental and I did the apartment so the person flying from HK will just board the flight with us…  and the next thing was the memorable journey to the airport where we have missed our flight… then arrived to this amazing country that I have never imagine it to be before!



A separate island of Malta; there’s an extensive list of places to visit. I would suggest you to wake up pretty early to get a good day out of this island, otherwise returning back and forth not only will cost you more time and monies.  We drove to Cirkewwa Ferry Terminal in the main Malta island side. As you drive, follow the road signs and line up at the ferry terminal area (loads of parking lanes on the ground), you don’t need to pay for going into Gozo Island, just drive through into the ferry and park as they instruct you to. Enjoy your chillax moments on the deck and admire the sea scenic views; watch it as the ferry approaches the Gozo island it feels like you’re approaching a real size island model.


Azure Window was the first sight that we drove to as we arrive to Gozo. I had a bit of funniest moment of my life where my cannot wear contact lenses due to red eye infection, instead I had to wear my optical frame on top of my sunny! Crazy!

Had a few snaps in front of this Azure window we decided to go for some fun and see if we can walk closer to the window itself. I risked my shoes from getting wet and step on those rocks…. only made it to half way though!!

Sad to say, we did not have any swim wears with us, else I am sure we can have some water-playing moments by the Azure window too. Not to mention, Inland Sea was actually behind the Azure window though it looks nothing like what Google images tells me…


We drive around and led ourselfes to the Xlendi Bay. Drove among the coast side and found a car park right next to a restaurant, as our bellies are screaming hunger. We parked up and enjoy our lunch admiring this view above! The views, the sun and relax moods that set us yes, we are holidaying in Malta…


Feeling sleepy after lunch and from the warm sun. We decided to have a little wonder around the hilly area near the restaurant, overlooking groups of tourist lying by the coast area sunbathing…


Our trip could not go without any back shots… I don’t think I will ever jump down this height though!


We drove our way to the next destination Qbajjar Bay but we cannot see many tourists which is good if you want some quiet time alone however the location or the to chill seating area wasn’t as pleasant as I would like and we decided to drive off among the coast to find something a little more interesting! And to our surprise, we saw a family working on these salt pans. I am curious how long will it take the sea water to dry up before they can harvest the salt… it must be a long and patient process!

We then drove off to the other side of the island and found ourselves to arrive at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Blessed Virgin of Ta’ Pinu, it was late and we did not manage to go in for an exploration, only being able to admire the building from far! ohh.. there’s a public toilet opposite this basilica.


It was almost the end of the day, we drove to Mgarr Ix-Xinl Bay for sunset in Gozo. The drive to this bay was pretty dangerous, it was right next to the cliff and I can see the edge by the passenger seat and to make it more difficult there was an income car and that we have to stop aside. Can’t imagine if there wasn’t that space, what can you do if not??


The effort of the drive wasn’t worth it as we found ourselves in a bay that the sunset doesn’t come through and you will never guessed we drove all the way back to the other side of the island back to our first sight, the Azure Window for this amazing sunset. We watch it until the egg yolk disappeared into the sea level before we set ourselves back to the Mgarr Habour/terminal for our ferry to the main Malta island. A note, you have to pay for your ferry ticket this time!



After a day of exploring Gozo, we thought the wise thing to do was to explore one area of the main Malta island and for the sake of driving journey etc we decided to explore the centre of Mdina before heading down to cover the coastal area.

Mdina which is known as a quiet city as soon as you step through the small gate from the car park area, straight away you will notice these sand colour walls and building. Its like another world within the country side of Malta and how quiet this city is,its probably we started from the back because as soon as you walk to the front gate, loads of tourist flooding through…

While exploring around this quiet city, make sure you stand by the observatory area to admire the green lands of Malta and go to a nearby cafe to enjoy a cold smoothie with their strawberries meringue gateaux. Refreshing and surprisingly light texture!


You certainly cannot leave Mdina before some “modelling” shots in these alley ways !

We continue our drive down to look for Dingli cliffs. First glance it doesn’t look much special until we found a view where we can admire this Dingli Cliff. It was pretty scary when you try to stand there and take a photo… we tried standing as closed to the edge as we can and of course, being a bit safety conscious, I can only reach to as this far!


And we went a little extreme with this modelling photo shot by standing outside the cliffs! What was I thinking with my friends? Thinking back its really dare devil attitude…


Thinking its probably the most unbelievable things I ever do while on trip….


While on this Dingli cliffs, we saw this bench so obviously its designed for us to admire how beautiful landscape that you can see from Malta right?? We say this is such a lonely granny post!!!


Following our roughly planned route, we decided to go Blue Grotto and luckily we got there before we missed the tour time, I wouldn’t say its the most amazing cave scenes I seen before (Hvar’s Blue cave was the most amazing one!) nevertheless, it was still amazing to go there and see the rock/cave formation in Malta is like. And of course, don’t forget to bring your swimwear to enjoy a bit of bay scene and bathing….


We went on a boat tour for about 8 euro; the tour guide wasn’t the best and drove super fast around the cave and doesn’t give you enough time to have a proper look at the caves….  though, I’ve got a bit fascinated by how these cave were formed.


After the boat tour, we stayed around and chill a bit under the sun. Posing for any photography moment. We stood to overlook whether those guys opposite us will jump of that 5m jump board, that must be nerve wrecking!!


As time goes by it was late afternoon, we decide to drive to the nearby Gnerja Bay for some chilling time and see if  we could get some late lunch. And by the time we finish our late lunch it was almost time for sunset where we walked across to the empty area to wait for the sunset.

I have to say, every time you are on holiday, do make sure you have tried your best to catch the sunset… it have been an unforgettable memories of every single sunsets that I watched while aboard….


Comino Island – Swimming/ Snorkeling

We decided to have a little sleep in before we have a Mi-goreng with an egg before we head to Comino Island via Cirkewwa Ferry Terminal for the lovely blue lagoon and sun. Make sure you keep your ticket for the return ferry. This was a bad mistake as my belly was sticking out (Not that it was any flatter…!) all the time while I was there. However, we quickly got over this thinking and enjoyed the lovely blue sky and clear water while we can.

Make sure you rent a sunbathing deck so you don’t need to sit on these bum-hurting rocks and people step over your possessions! We tried snorkeling with our gears but there weren’t much to see… while you’re swimming down under; make sure you are preventive with jelly fishes they seems to be swimming around this clear blue sea with us! My friend got stung by them and got pour vinegar over it….


We certainly took a waterproof camera with us so that we can do all sorts of photos on the sea.. look at how amazing this sea is, huh?? We tried doing those flipping hair post but failed!!! And also we tried taking photo under the sea.. it was so fun!

By Don’t forget to fill your belly up by the foods stall near the entrance to the island, my personal favourite being the kebab stall! Perfect snacks to end this Comino Island part of our trip.



We ended the last day of our trip in the cities before we head to the airport for our flight home. Sad to say so! However, since we only have a limited time in Valletta before riding off to Airport including a lunch in Valletta, certainly it was a bit of a rush, just in case of traffic etc. I cannot emphasis how identical each building/houses looks like and how this gives it a unique atmosphere of Malta.

Not to mention, before you go off make sure you pop by Xpadrilles AATMalta and grab yourself a few pairs of this authentic hand made espadrilles. I love them to bits. I would suggest to get a size down as the material get loosen once you have wore it a few times! I had countless embarrassing moments where mine kept on falling off while walking! In fact, I have counted…14 times within an hour!!!


We also drove to Vittorosia, one of infamous fish towns of Vittoriosa, Senglea and Cospicua; with our limited time, we choose to visit Vittoriosa due to this picturesque view. The sun was at its peak when we was walking about this small town, my lordy, it really burns your skin!

Tips for Malta trip

We find having a car really help with this trip, like any other city we preferred to travel by train and public transportation but with Malta, a must will get you going a lot faster and easier. Of course, the additional benefits will be you can just throw your swimwear bags in the boot for any last minute on sea activities!

Make sure you plan and map well to the area that you’re interested in visiting; jot down the places of sights that you want to go, if one doesn’t suit your visual liking you can always drive to the next one. Don’t waste time driving from one sight of one direction to the other sight of the opposite direction. Group the sights together and visit them together…

Of course, don’t forget to wear sun protections with you. And as mention above, don’t forget to bring your swim wears, flip flop and towel in your boot for any last minute beach lying activities.

I have had a wonderful time in Malta and I would recommend you to visit it at least once in your lifetime!


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