two top choux places to visit in London right now

Anyone don’t do eclairs here?? Ask any of my girl friends, all of them would not decline any eclair offers? I am not talking about the chocolate eclairs in purple and gold wrapper, I am talking about the choux pastry eclair if you love both.

Before all the fancy offerings on the market, after a few round of eating supermarket eclairs. Our favourite ones is from Marks & Spencer, their cream is the best of the all with proper smooth vanilla whipped cream, though I still reckon the chocolate ganache on top is slightly too thick for my liking.

What’s next? Here comes along the recent infamous Maitre Choux taking the famous eclair scene from Paris to London; opened their little boutique in the museum district… also stepping into the competition is my favourite chocolatier Pierre Marcolini opened a shop near Baker Street with a selection of eclairs too!


I have to tell you, if you ever do make your way to Maitre Choux, make sure you go early during the busy busy busy busy (Have to emphasis this!) weekend where EVERYONE go and make a visit, by 3pm on the Saturday that I have visited. They only have about 5 flavours left on the shelf. I was like… err… where’s my favourite pistachio? Howdy, straight away I have choose a sharp raspberry cream favour and the classic vanilla flavour.

What’s the verdict? Choux pastry was good and still in perfect texture; the cream… i cannot fault much considering I kept it out of the fridge for almost half day since I was chilling in the Sky Garden. The little eclair was still in good taste, good look and went into my tummy feeling satisfied.

This definitely worth a visit, yes it is expensive but even just give it a try, each was £5 a pop but now has gone up to £5.20-£5.80 depending on the flavour that you are going to take home with you.

Photo 17-07-2015 21 41 14-2

In comparison to Maitre Choux, the pastry with Pierre Marcolini tends to be on the bit soft soggy side, anyone can tell me if this is due to “buying it at the end of the day” issue? but if the shop offers consistent quality goods, then it shouldn’t….  on the good note, their flavours were amazing; I particularly love their passion fruit one where the sharp zingy of the passion fruit cream cuts the rich texture or added some colour to the boring choux pastry that I was eating into.  On the other hand, the raspberry cream was more on the sweet side… filling was equally as good but I felt let down by the pastry.
The only issue was, MY fault, they were kept out of cold environment for the whole night while I was dining at Chiltern Firehouse, my apologies eclairs….

I really wonder what’s next in the London scene?


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