top five gelatorias of Cinque Terre and Pisa

There are times that you would feel really guilty regarding what you’ve eaten into your belly! We all to some extent tends to be really cautious of what we eat during our daily meals, however, when we are away from home and on holiday, your cautious mind relaxes and think this is he time to indulge in foods that you cannot get back home..

…and this is the same with Italy. What they are famous for?? GELATO!!!

My 5 lists of gelato places in Cinque Terre and Pisa region. Its always so good to be back to Italy and explore different area.

IMG_2713 - Pisa gelato-2
La Bottega del Gelato, Pisa
We had a very satisfied meal on our arrival night and googled the nearest gelato place that are still opened and found this little gem across the bridge. It’s roughly about 10 mins walk from Pisa Centrale Station and it is super easy to get to, just walk down through the main road of all the shops, cross the bridge and you will see it by the little square full of locals/tourists.
I’ve got mine in a waffle cone with hazelnut and pistachio flavour gelato for 2.50E and from then onwards, I was shocked at the price that I have to pay in London!! The gelato texture in La Bottega was on the soft side but the flavour was awesome!!

Love Italy once again OVER a gelato!

IMG_2752 - gelatoria vernazza-2
Gelatoria Vernazza, Vernazza
Next up, its the famous Gelatoria Vernazza, the name says it all. Its located in Vernazza the town that I called home for the 4 days while I was there. Pretty amazingly it was only diagonally opposite my studio flat, I had to control myself every on my way back to the flat. It was super tempting….. honestly!
Once again, I had the same flavours as the last location, hazelnut and pistachio flavour, oh la la.. I thought the previous one was good. This one is even better! Not only the gelato was more dense in terms of texture so were their flavours too!

The only downside of this place is, they use an icecream scoop on me? whyyyyyy not the traditional gelato scoop?

IMG_3064 - Gelatoria Il Porticciolo-2
Gelatoria Il Porticciolo, Vernazza
After getting back into Vernazza from the afternoon hike, I said to myself I need to this gelatoria by the dock, else I would not have enough time to fit them all in. I am glad I choose to try it on the spot, because the following few days this gelatoria closes early or I wasn’t in town early enough before their shop closes. Definitely a great gelatoria, I tried Pistachio and Mango sorbet, another classic combo of mine! I can tell you not only the pistachio flavour taste so great, real smooth and not artificial taste. The mango sorbet was really greatly made, love the texture..! Definitely on my recommendation list for you.

IMG_3112 - Gelatoria Alberto - Cognilia
Gelatoria Alberto, Cognilia
This was already on our list even before we depart for our trip, their infamous signature Nutella gelato was waiting to be tried… We instantly noticed his gelato shop as we walk into the centre, you cannot miss it, at the entrance to the center of the town. We decided to try the gelato after our lunch instead… and I have to say do not missed this place, I went for nutella and coconut flavour, I wanted something lighter to balance the richest of nutella, I was right! Their nutella gelato was so rich in flavour and really smooth in texture that it was good to pair it with something light.. Definitely worth giving a try!

Forget about the calories you are taking, you’re on holiday!

IMG_3269 - Gelatoria Bar Centrale Riomaggiore-2
Bar Centrale, Riomaggioire
I really was trying to hold myself back from eating another one but as we wander around Riomaggioire, we got a little bored after our lunch by the pier, thinking shall we go back to vernazza or wander around a little more? In the end, we went to get ourselves a gelato before chilling by the benches and start people watching activities (Saw two cool oriental bikers in their motorbike!). Can’t fault much but yet I find their gelato a little lack of flavour and generally on the bland side. Texture wise was pretty smooth but melts relatively fast.

Think I have absolutely nailed it with my accommodation location!  I do think my top two choices are within Vernazza, so make sure they are on your list to visit!


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