street snacks that you must try in Seoul, South Korea

I have to be frank how Asia countries have more street snacks than European countries. While I was on a solo trip in South Korea a little while ago, I have come across the following that its definitely worth trying while you’re out there!

Every time I am on a trip I will try everything I can, thinking that there’s no chance to eat them back home. So be brave with your choices and eating the local foods is the first step to know the country better!

BBQ chicken Skewer with Leek
Found this at the side road in Cheongdam-dong where there was loads of small boutique and foodie shops. I wasn’t hungry considering I have just had a Churro icecream, but I cannot help not to have one of these when I saw it. It wasn’t expensive and you get to choose spicy or not spicy in BBQ favour. It was funny how the stall owner  asks me straight away in Mandarin for “Spicy or not spicy?” as soon i show no signs of Korean speaking! The skewer was basically chicken and leek pieces, coated in bbq sauce and grill on fire. Yummy in freezing cold Seoul street.

Ddukbokkie Tteokbokki
This is something that I have been wanting to do in Korea, is to stand in the street food stall eating ddukbokkie. As I was going towards the station from Insa-Dong, I cannot stop myself but to walk towards this food stall and pointing at the rice cake. You eat directly using the skewer and if its too spicy of you needed water, pour some broth from the ladle on the pot where it has fishcakes/intestine. Cheap and local snack foods that you must not missed! And this is now the local eat too, extra point for the experience.

Mandu Mandu
While staying near Myeong-Dong, the shopping district of Seoul. At night, the main street of this shopping area get filled with loads of food stall carts. You can skip dinner and walk along stall by stall filling your belly with the local street foods. Don’t get alarm with the hygiene etc I have not had any problems! And mandu in Korea is such a signature food, like Cantonese wonton or Chinese jiaozi, similar items but this time it was pan fried served with cabbage salad over some chilly sauce! Wish I have got more belly space to eat another plate!

IMG_7964Coffee flavoured milk
I have seen this before my arrival to Seoul online but I never thought I will really go and give it a try, considering I would prefer proper coffee. Never say never. This reminds me of Japanese canned coffee alike, in fact, it taste pretty yummy. It was really milky and on the sweet side. If you don’t go and compare it with proper coffee, then this should not disappoint you! I like it myself just I prefer the banana milk drink a lot more! ha~~~~

IMG_8858Ppopgi (Traditional Korean toffee candy)
If you have watched Running Man you would have seen the cast showing some traditional toffee candy game, which is the same thing as you. They came in either flat disk form or like this one that I found in a Sunday market stall, in rose form. The stall owner even made the sweet into teddy bear etc. All for 1000 won only. I cannot help not to buy one! It feels like hard boil sweets…

IMG_8845Issac Sandwich
This is definitely cannot be missed while you’re in Seoul, I am not too sure why such simple sandwich is so addictive, I am trying to figure  out if the spread she used was sandwich spread… a bit of ham, egg, cheese, cabbage, gerkins etc voila, a perfecto sandwich! I waited one day for it to open before my bus to airport. Its a very famous sandwich stall which no tourist will missed so make sure this is on your list!

IMG_8283Binggrae’s Banana Flavored Milk & Grilled Squid
I knew about the banana milk before I fly off, I brought a bottle as soon as I landed just to see what it taste nice, pretty yummy and I have been repeating purchase everytime I see it in stall. While the grilled squid was indeed of a local delicacy, I found this in the Art Wall area. Its totally different to the Hong Kong dried squid. It was rather chewy and fresh squid taste.

Similar to the japanese cake with red bean filling. This is identical, fish shaped pancake with red bean fillings. I just cannot miss buying this when I walk pass one of these stalls. however, this snack are located anywhere and everywhere.. easy to find and don’t need to trek your way out for it.

IMG_8859Bite-sized mayak gimbap from Gwangjang Market
I must have got into the Gwangjang Market at the wrong time when it was ultra packed. After having my mung bean pancake, I wanted to have this as well but cannot fit my belly at the time so I brought a take away and after some exercise of walking along the stream, I decided to sat down by the side and enjoy a bit of the stream view while eating this. Apparently, this gimbap is famous and to the fact that people jokes that it has drugs in them. *Laughs* One of the famous items in this market, make sure you don’t miss this!

IMG_8837Macaroon Ice cream, Insa-dong main street
Not having enough time to hunt for the macaroon ice cream on list. I randomly walked past this stand on Insa-dong. Although I think it’s a little expensive (maybe I was broke after all the masks I have brought!) but I still went for it. This is new to me, I have never had a macaroon ice cream before beside homemade choux puff with homemade ice cream! I can assure you the texture is different but indeed worth the money you have paid. The only downside of this is probably the ice cream was too hard to bite into in comparison to the crunchy macaroon!
Other must visits includes Antique in Hongdae, Macameron, A la papa Cafe in Ehwa Woman Uni.

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IMG_8009Egg cake
As the name says it, I first saw this was on some korean drama where the female lead wanted egg cake and the male lead drove and got her some. It interests me at the time until I really tried it, It actually has an egg inside!!!! The cake texture its pretty light and when you have it with an egg in it, you might find it weird at first but when you chew it somehow the texture comes pretty matching. I really want to eat one right now in the cold British winter!

Korean Strawberries
I know what you’re thinking here, Strawberries!? you are joking? Nope, I am not, recently Korean strawberries has become a hit for locals and tourists. I have seen some tourist purchase boxes of them back via hand carry luggage space!? My word of advice is, I do think Waitrose ones are nicer….

IMG_7973Bindaetteok pancakes from Gwangjang Market
As soon as I’ve entered the market, I was aiming for this pancake straight away, my research was telling me that there’s specific shop with a mama’s logo on, is the one you should go for! The queue was long and yet, you might get confuse with the location as there are many other mung beans pancake stalls too! I don’t remember how I have managed to order without knowing the language but the lady knew what i wanted. They give you free sides and unlimited water to drink. A kind next door neighbour gave me some local soft alcohol drinks. Appreciated.

I reckon this is only a small fraction of street snacks that is available to eat, the belly are way too small for the amount of foods that’s available in Seoul. And for western tourist whom are not really feel street foods are reliable, trust me, this is all good to consume and I have no belly issue.


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