17 hours low temperature mexico bun


finally, i m free!! i feel like i have been stuck within the past papers and pre-seen material in the last few weeks that i really cannot relax. my daily routine just consist of work, gym/yoga and revise bit by bit every day for the past month. the last week was full on hard core past paper practise that i feel sick and only wish i could sit by the sofa and watch the Olympic full on instead of looking at the past paper.

studying are tough on the side of work and i always wonder why i have continued even if I do fail my exams occasionally. I guess is the “never give up” attitude that i have?

however, to celebrate that i am book free for now, instead of going for a glass of wine. i celebrate with some yoga follow up an xtend barre, chillax in Monocle café and before i head home to make the pre-dough for this bread. making bread actually helps to release my stress level, I think other bread maker would agrees?? and it get really addictive in terms of you want to improve your dough as well as trying out new variation to a recipe.

wonder if anyone tried turning a basic fast proving bread recipe into a low temperature proving recipe before? Need some help, want to bake a bread as I wake up, so ideally to prove the dough overnight in fridge, ready to bake in morning before work, wonder if anyone have tried this?

17 hours low temperature Mexico bun
recipe is adapted from Natural Breads Made Easy book

bread flour  476g
water 272g
fresh yeast 14g or dried yeast 5g
sea salt 7g
skim milk powder 14g
mix all the ingredients and knead until smooth.
no need to wait for it to stretched or show signs of gluten, as long as its smooth, its ready.
place into either a large enough plastic bag or a bowl and covered in cling film.
place it into the fridge for the 17 hours low temp proving process.

main dough
bread flour 204g
skim milk powder 20g
sea salt 7g
sugar 102g
water 61g
egg 68g
fresh yeast 7g or dried yeast 2.5g
unsalted butter 68g
pre-dough  all
mix everything (not the butter nor the pre-dough) yet, once fully mixed. gradually add in the pre-dough by small pieces, then let it mix well until its showing its gluten through, you feel that the dough its getting more energy and stretched. its time to add the room temperature butter, let it mix until the dough is totall off the mixing bowl and the dough is really elastic. then pull a piece of dough to do a window pane test. if it can pull through the test, its ready.
let it prove in warm place for 20 mins.
divide into dough for 60g or so (depends what side you preferred), bench rest for 15 mins.
using single hand to shape the dough into a ball, place on baking sheet and let it raise in double size. squeeze crust batter on top (be careful don’t over squeeze it, from my experienced, covering the top 1/4 area is sufficient to cover the entire dough (again depends on how big your  dough ball is)

crust batter
cake flour 40g
sugar 25g
butter 40g
egg 40g
vanilla extract a little

cream together the butter and sugar, add into the egg and vanilla extract, mixed well.
fold in the cake flour. set aside until ready to be used.


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